Vortex Ranger 1800 Review

We have long been claiming our infatuation with the vortex products owing to the built quality, the value they provide to the users, the features they are loaded with, and the vortex warranty that they are backed by. What if we were to tell you that this very product that is under review now is the wholly reason why we became a vortex fan.

Brief Introduction

We welcome you to a detailed and unbiased vortex ranger 1800 review. Here you will have a glance at this product upside down, we will tell you the limitations of vortex ranger 1800 and what can and cannot it do.

This would be very appropriate to say that Vortex has successfully gained the public trust with their products, which have been time tested and have proven their worth as a valuable addition. As this article is related to a rangefinder so we’ll focus on their rangefinder line of vortex which is based on three different lines such as the Impact, the Cooperhead, and the Ranger.

Vortex Ranger 1800 Review

The product under review is the ranger 1800 that falls on the premium side of the products line. The ranger rangefinders specialize in uplifting the hunters and shooters skills by providing the accurate yardages to the targets that leads to a perfect shot every time.

The vortex ranger 1800 is on the favorite list of many hunters across the globe owing to the simple fact that it does the job it is meant to. We’ll shed light on the features and modes you get with this rangefinder and how does it function. We will also talk about the limitations of this product, if there are any.

So, all in all we will cover every little detail that matters and will make sure you get to know the nitty gritty of this product. Before we dive into the vortex ranger 1800 review, lets have a look at the specifications first.

Max Range9-1800 Yards
Range to Deer9-900 Yards
Min Range9 Yards
Objective Lens22mm
Eye Relief17mm
Operating Temp14-131 F
Accuracy+/- 3 Yards @ 1000 Yards
Max Angle Reading+/- 60 degrees (INC 50)
Linear Field of View315 feet/1000 Yards
Angular Field of View6 degrees
Diopter+/- 3 diopters
Measuring TimeLess than a second
Auto-off (If not used for 10 seconds)
Item Dimensions3.9 x 3 inches
Weight (Pounds/ Ounces)0.48 Pounds/ 7.7 Ounces

How to operate

Heres how this rangefinder is operated.

Insert Battery

First thing first, open the battery lid/ compartment and insert the CR2 battery that comes along with the package.

Bring it to Life

Once the battery has been installed the ranger 1800 is all set to be brought to life. With a push of single button you can power it up. Since it comes with a battery saver feature so if the rangefinder stays inactive for more than 10 seconds it is automatically turned off.

Adjust the Diopter

The diopter or eye piece on this rangefinder is much like the one on a binocular which can be adjusted/ rotated to get your desired focus. With that you are pretty much good to go.

Mode Selection

The default mode of the ranger 1800 is set to the HCD mode, the measuring unit is set as yards, and the brightness is set at a medium level. Although these settings are set as default by the company itself for a reason and that is these are the ideal settings for most of the hunters.

However, If you wish to change these settings and select a different mode then you just have to press the menu button and keep it pressed for more then 4 seconds. This activates the mode selection, as soon as you are in the mode selection you need to release the button. Now, you can toggle through the modes and choose your choice of mode and change settings to how you like.

While you are going through the modes you can exit the settings at any given time by again pressing the menu button and keeping it pressed for more than 4 seconds. This not only takes you back to the rangefinder active and ready to use condition, but also saves the settings you selected.

Steps to Select/ Change Modes

Below are the three steps to select and save HCD and LOS modes, toggle between yards and meters, and select your choice of brightness.

1. Choose either of HCD and LOS modes.

Once you are in the mode selection you can toggle between the HCD and LCD modes and which ever mode you wish to select just press the menu button and Voilà its done. Its time to move on to the yards and meters settings.

2. Change Measuring Unit

The process of choosing/ changing the measuring unit is same here, you can toggle between yards and meters and which ever is you are willing to opt just press the menu button and its selected.

3. Choose the Right Brightness

There are three brightness levels that you get to choose from, i.e. Brightest, Medium, Lowest. You can choose either of the three brightness levels following the same course of action as before. Just toggle to your choice of brightness and press the menu button and you have it.

Once that’s done, now you have to save these new settings by pressing and holding down the menu button for more than 4 seconds.



The magnification you get with the vortex ranger 1800 is 6x which is perfect for all kind of hunting adventures from bow-hunting and archery to the long range shooting.

Max Range

Under the most ideal situations this rangefinder can range as far as 1800 yards. With the minimum ranging ability being 9 yards its max range to the deer is 900 yards. Another reason why we presented you with an in-depth vortex ranger 1800 review is that not only it has abundance of features that come in handy but also it is a perfect pick for all kind of jobs that you would want done using a rangefinder.


The ranger 1800 comes with an easy to understand and high quality display with clear view. The lens are fully multi coated which increases the light transmission and decreases the light reflection and as a result you get clarity in view.


The size of the rangefinder is really important, it needs to be just the perfect size for you to hold on to it with ease. If its bigger in size in might not fit in your hands and pocket and if its too small the chances of you dropping or misplacing it are high by leaps and bounds.

Talking about compactness the vortex ranger 1800 has just the right size that you can get the perfect hold of it. It doesn’t stop there, it also comes with a rubberized non slip grip that makes it super easy to hold and get a perfect grip even in the lousiest of the weathers.


The rangefinder needs to be light in weight, so anything below 11 ounces is perfect for you. Who knows how long you might have to hold it and then carry around while you are shinning as a pro out in the wilderness and taking your targets down. The Vortex ranger 1800 has just the perfect weight and that is 7.7 ounces.


We strongly believe that when you are hunting down your targets, you should have the best time ever without the fear of harsh weather conditions affecting your game and also compromising the functioning of your rangefinder. The vortex ranger 1800 not only stays functional in lousy weathers but also provides you accurate readings since its weather proof.

Scan Feature

The scan feature is very useful, you can use it to measure the distance of the targets that are moving and also get a reading on the smaller objects on an uniform background in either of the HCD and LOS modes. In order to start using the scan mode you need to press the measure button and keep it pressed while you aim towards the targets. As soon as you see a blinking “S” on the screen that’s an indication of scan ranging getting activated and ready to use.

HCD (Horizontal Component Distance)

The Horizontal Component Distance is the default mode that is set in the rangefinder. You get horizontally corrected yardages while using HCD. In simpler words you are provided with the accurate distance for the targets at an incline/ elevation.

Under what circumstances does this feature come in handy?

  • When you are using a riffle for shooting on a plane ground at any yardage.
  • When you are ranging out to a target at an elevation beyond 400 yards.
  • Anytime when you are archery shooting.

LOS (Line of Sight)

Line of sight mode provides you with the actual distance of the target on a line of sight with no ballistic correction for slope.

Vortex Warranty

The product is protected by the vortex warranty. The warranty states that once you buy a product from vortex you can use it without the fear of dropping it, breaking it, the possibility of your product stop functioning. Vortex offers a new product and/ or free repair of your product for free, no questions asked.


This is a dedicated article of the vortex ranger 1800 review and we have tried our best in covering every aspect and every little detail that might be of concern to you while using it. The article covers everything from the product specification to the modes that come in handy, the basic operation of the product and also the the features.

Considering all the features that come preloaded in the rangefinder it has our vote for all types of hunting games from bow hunting to long range shooting. We are hopeful you will have a great time out in the wilderness having the ranger 1800 by your side.

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