Vortex Impact 1000 Rangefinder Review

Here we have a vortex impact 1000 review, we will discuss everything in detail but first some introduction of the company that brought this product to life.


Vortex is a brand that was established in 2002 and has been leading the market with its awe inspiring high quality products ever since. Vortex not only believes in the “customer is the king” phenomenon but also follows through on it.

All vortex products are designed, engineered, pre-inspected and serviced in their modern facility that is to ensure the users get their hands on the best products and service for their hard earned money.

We started endorsing the vortex products from the very moment we tried and tested them in various places, under different light conditions, in harshest of the environments, and got the best results.

Vortex Impact 1000 Review

Here we have an in-depth review of one of the hot selling products from vortex that is the impact 1000 laser rangefinder. We’ll be thoroughly discussing all the features you get in this product.

Unlike most of the rangefinders that have a max range of 1000 not even reach up to half the distance, this is one of the few rangefinders that actually ranges up to the claimed distance, that too with clarity and accuracy. The more you use vortex products the more you become their admirer and a firm believer that no other rangefinder can outperform their products in terms of quality, precision, and value to money.

Have a look at the specs table.

Max Range1000 Yards
Range to Trees800 Yards
Range to Deer500 Yards
Eye Relief15 mm
Objective Lens Diameter 20 mm
Max Angle Reading+/- 60 degrees
Linear Field of View341 feet/1000 yards
Angular Field of View6.5 degrees
Display TypeBlack LCD display
Item Dimensions3.8 x 1.4 x 3.0 inches
Weight 5.5 oz

We must say its an amazing product which owing to its simple and functional User Interface is super easy to understand, handle, and operate. The product works perfectly fine and the result it generates is very accurate even when you don’t have the stability of a surgeon’s hand.

The product meets all your hunting requirements and as soon as you start using it and get a hang of it you will realize how much it makes your life easy as a hunter.


We’ll discuss all the features that make this rangefinder special and a choice of many hunters from across the world. Lets dive straight to it.


The device comes with a magnifying ability of 6x which is more than enough for bow-hunting as well as long range shooting. Obviously you are not limited to using it for only the aforementioned purposes, take it anywhere you want and use it anyhow for any purpose you wish to.


One of our favorite thing about vortex and vortex products is that they deliver exactly what they claim. So, if the impact 1000 is said to range up to a distance of 1000 yards, it will.

Here we want to draw your attention to a simple phenomenon, whatever a company claims its maximum range to be it can be achieved under the ideal most conditions. By that we mean, you can expect your device to range up to its maximum capacity in the best light conditions, perfect weather, and if the object you are aiming at is reflective.

So, while the minimum range is 5 yards and max range of the rangefinder is 1000 yards, its ability to range to trees is 800 yards, and the rang to deer is 500 yards.

Adjustable Diopter

Instead of taking out your rangefinder, aiming towards the target and making peace with whatever results you get, you get to choose the image quality you want by adjusting the focus. You can adjust the focus by rotating the diopter to your choice.

Waterproof & Shockproof

Another adorable feature is the products ability to staying functional in harshest of the weathers under any amount of rain. Not only that, another earthly possibility is that you may drop the rangefinder while using it/ aiming towards your desired target.

Well, not to worry as the vortex impact 1000 has got you covered on that. As it comes with O-ring seals so its not only immune to water but also is prevented from dust and debris and keeps working with full glory, hence you get reliable performance in all environments.

Rugged Design

The very purpose of the device being built was to be able to endure the tough situations. An astonishing fact is that on the one hand the device can undergo toughest of the climates and roughest of the environments, on the other hand it is super portable, compact, and lightweight.

Horizontal Component Distance

As the rangefinder was built on the lines of what a hunter may encounter and/ or may need, all the features that come along are specifically loaded to support/ uplift hunters’ hunting skills. This feature HCD (Horizontal Component Distance) is loved and appreciated by hunters around the globe as it displays an angle compensated distance. It is ideal for bow-hunters as well as riffle shooters to be able to take shots with accuracy.

Line of Sight

LOS mode or Line of Sight mode is another useful feature that calculates long distance, high angle shots with increased enhanced accuracy.

Continuous Scanning

The continuous scanning mode helps you fetch distances of moving targets as well as smaller targets on uniform backgrounds. You can use this feature in either of the two modes HCD or LOS however you want.

low light conditions

Fully multi-coated optics ensure the transmission of light is enhances and reflection of light is decreased, this not only produces clear images in daylight but also works great in low light conditions. Simply put, the device works exceptionally well in low light.

Easy to read UI

Having too many features is of no use if you get tangled in between settings and menus. Vortex has designed this products User Interface really simple and easy to understand.

What do you get in the box?

  • Impact 1000 rangefinder
  • Scratch-less Lens Cloth
  • Strap
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • 1 x CR2 battery
  • Ballistic cheater card

Unlimited Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Till now we have talked about the product, we also have shed light on the features. We must say really impressive product and really amazing features. But do you know another reason that motivates the hunters and they end up buying the vortex products. We are talking about the vortex unconditional warranty.

Once you buy any vortex product, you can feel yourself freed from of dropping and breaking it and/ or the fear of product stop functioning it. You can get your product repaired or get a brand new one in either of the aforementioned cases.


The product under review here is an amazing built and has been thoroughly tried and tested under different climate conditions, and at different places that pose wide range of challenges.

Vortex impact 1000 is loaded with many useful features and is backed by a lifetime. All in all its a great product that you can pick for your next hunting journey and have a great time. We wish you all the best and for what ever purpose are you willing to use this rangefinder we hope you rise and shine like a pro.

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