Leupold has been leading the outdoor optics industry for a long time. The company is time tested over the span of many years and has brought several high quality products to the market. One such product is under review here.

Leupold has grabbed its fair share of the market by contributing in multiple sectors, including the rangefinders, the riffle scopes, the spotting scopes, and the binoculars. It is very appropriate to say that the company has ensured the provision of highest quality with every product (be it binoculars, or scopes, or rangefinders, etc.) they brought to the market.

This is the main reason why people end up buying their products happily and consider them worth the price owing to the long list of features that come prelaoded.

Leupold RX-2800 Review

Now, here we have an in-depth Leupold Rx-2800 Review. The product outperforms some of the considerably more expensive competitors in all arenas, be it the maximum range, the price, the magnification, the features, and/ or the built quality, etc.

Have a look at the specs first:

Max Range2800 Yards
Range to Trees2400 Yards
Range to Deer1800 Yards
Display TypeHigh-Contrast Red OLED
Item Dimensions6.1 x 4 x 2.55 inches
Weight7.9 oz

Leupold Rx-2800 TBR Rangefinder is one of those products which have a reputations of being the versatile performer across the board. Whether you need it for bow hunting, for long range shooting, for playing golf, for watching birds or even watching buildings, this rangefinder is a perfect pick for you.

Every rangefinder regardless of being versatile or not, has a strong suit. By that we mean the main purpose of it being introduced to the market, which for this product is the long range shooting.

With the advancement of technology everyday and the introduction of new products in the market the competition has been raised to an unprecedented level. In all of this competition and in the presence of several products claiming to be the best, the Leupold Rx-2800 TBR Rangefinder stands its ground in providing highest quality and the best possible accuracy even at its maximum range which is 2800 yards.

The products ability of zeroing in on targets “near or far” is really impressive, not only does it do it with utmost precision but also it does it really fast.


One of the concerns that hunters or any person for that matter, may have while purchasing a rangefinder is the price. Most of the times people cannot justify the high price of the products they buy.

On the contrary, all those who buy Leupold Rx-2800 TBR Rangefinder consider it worthy of spending extra bucks on. This is because of the highest quality, the pin point accuracy, and the abundance of useful features that come in handy for whatever you need. We will discuss the features here.


The minimum magnification recommended in a rangefinder is 6x. The magnification leupold rx 2800 tbr comes with is 7x. Yes, that means it has even more magnification then the one recommended. So that’s a win win situation for anyone and everyone willing to take part and seize the day for recreational shooting/ competitive shooting, as well as for hunting..


Normally, we recommend users to pick any rangefinder that can range beyond 700 yards with accuracy. This state of the art rangefinder can take you as far as 2800 yards with an accuracy of half yards. It goes up to a distance of 2400 yards to the trees, and 1800 yards to the deer.

Lens Quality

Lens quality is absolute phenomenal, perfectly crafted to suit your needs. The optics provide ultimate clarity owing to being fully multi-coated.

The fully multi-coated optics decrease the reflection of light and increase the transmission of light, hence the image you get is of high quality and ultra clear.


One of the qualities that are highly recommended in a rangefinder or any gadget for that matter is the durability/ endurance. Simply put, a hunter has to encounter many situations during his/ her journey and all kind of environments pose a different level of challenge.

So, a rangefinder is needed that can undergo some wear and tear and can not only withstand an incredible amount of pressure but also keeps working smoothly without any glitch. Environmental factors should not adversely affect your game.

Display Type

The illuminated OLED display produces sharp high quality images/ displays and makes it easy for you to read. Then there is this red reticle that saves you from some extra trouble of unclear view in different light backgrounds and/ or internal blurring that one may encounter in some other rangefinders. The fact that the rangefinder you are using has brighter reticles and it works perfectly in all lighting conditions and backgrounds puts it on top of many hunters list.


The TBR(W) or True Ballistic Range with Wind is one of the premium feature that you can get in a rangefinder. How any laser rangefinder works is that it sends little pulses of laser beams at the target in order to get the actual distance of how far the target is.

The true ballistics is an additional feature which considers various ballistic factors that are at play especially the gravitational pull, Coriolis Effect and wind and comes up with an actual distance that is compensated for the angle, the time of flight, etc.

Super Fast Processing

Owing to the Alpha IQ Ranging Engine that leupold has included in this model you get Improved pulse rate, signal-to-noise ratio, and intelligent signal processing. This makes target acquisition lightning fast and even at its maximum range the accuracy is not compromised at all.

Shot Angle Compensation

You get angle compensated distances for both uphill and downhill shots.

Scan Mode

Scan mode lets you continuously measure distance of targets on the move, you can track the moving objects as well as scan the area.


When you are out in the field, or in the wilderness you need to have a rangefinder that stays functional in all weather conditions. Regardless of how lousy the weather gets your rangefinder should keep measuring the targets/ objects without getting the readings compromised. Luckily, this rangefinder is 100% waterproof and has been tried and tested in worst of the weathers.


A wise man once said you get what you pay for. This means the higher the price tag the premiere the features are and the cheaper the price is the ordinary the product is.

But we beg to differ here, as “you get what you pay for” is not the case with every rangefinder as we have reviewed many affordable rangefinders with a cheap price yet they perform exceptionally well in comparison with many other competitors having same or even slightly higher price.

Also, with this rangefinder you get a lot more than what you have paid for. Every single feature you get, every single thing associated with the product is of the highest possible quality.

Although the abundance of handy features is something we admire about this product but we recommend you taking it to different places and trying it out just to get a hang of it. Once you get used to of the setting and get familiar with the product which wont take long, you’ll be using it like a pro. This improves your game as well.

What puts it at the pinnacle is the useful features it comes with along with the true ballistics range with with feature, shooters love this feature. This rangefinder is undoubtedly the best rangefinder for the year 2021 and hopefully for the years to come. The product has maintained its status and highest quality for so many years and that is exactly why we and so many others from around the globe put trust in it. We wish you all the very luck with the product, hope you enjoy every bit of it.

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