Halo Rangefinders, Top 5 Reviews and an Ultimate Buying Guide

This article is aimed at reviewing for you the Halo Rangefinders. This is a brand specific review and we not, have, only reviewed the best products that Halo brings to the market but also we have added a buying guide at the end of this article in an attempt to enable you to make an informed buying decision.

Anyone who has ever been in a situation where one has to pick one product (in our case a rangefinder) out of multiple brands and several products from each brand then they would understand how complex and hectic all of this can get because of a large range of options available in the market. Most of the times people don’t even know where to start, what things to keep in mind while picking the product, what things matter the most and what are the things that are good to have but are not necessary.

The market is being ruled by many outdoor optics brands, all of them capable of enhancing your hunting, golfing, or any other professional activity experience in one way or the other. One such brand is the Halo which has a global recognition as one of the brands that focuses on bringing quality products to their users and making technology affordable to everyone. Halo rangefinders have surely gained its target audience’s trust over period.

So, in order to help you reach a conclusion in buying a brand specific product, we have done a thorough review for you so that you may reach a final conclusion before buying and make an informed purchase based on what you really need and want. This article is solely dedicated to some of the best rangefinder that Halo has ever produced. This article will keep on getting updated with new and better additions from the company in future.

Halo Rangefinders, Top 5 Reviews

While listing these products down we have considered all factors that need to be kept in mind during the buying process. We are referring to features of product like usability, durability, budget, portability, and other features, etc. We will try to be as thorough and unbiased in our review. Here are, our picked, top 5 halo rangefinders for you to consider:

1. Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder

halo x ray z6x rangefinder
Max Range600 Yards
Range in Woods325 Yards
Min Range5 Yards
Scan Mode
Rubberized Non-Slip Grip
Water Resistant
Item Dimensions8.55 x 6.45 x 2.55 inches
Weight (Pounds/ Ounces)0.7 Pounds/ 11.2 Ounces

The first on our list is the Halo X-Ray Z6X Laser Rangefinder. The product made it to our list of the halo rangefinders owing to its affordability as it is cheap in price and rich in features. It has an objective lens of 23mm and an amazing eye-piece to keep your eyes relieved as you aim towards your targets even when you are wearing glasses.

Moreover, the product comes with 6x magnification and a ranging ability of 600 yards with minimum range being 5 yards. The max range of 600 yards is achieved under the most ideal conditions that is when you have a reflective target. Out in the wilderness we were able to range perfectly as far as 320 yards.

Another very useful feature is the scan mode that lets you continuously scan targets. It also ranges perfectly to the grassy areas near a hazard, i.e. stream, sand trap etc. We are endorsing the product to be used for archery and bow-hunting as it calculates/compensates the angle within the range of 600 yards that is perfect in the aforementioned cases/ scenarios.

Furthermore, the product does have a sporty look/ design that is good appearance-wise. Although it’s not 100% waterproof so, it’s not completely submersible, but it can be used under different weather conditions i.e. under rain, in cold, in fog.

The rangefinder is compact and the silicon/ rubberized coating on it makes it easy to hold onto and handle it. In order to power up the device a CR2 battery is required since it doesn’t come with one so you will have to buy a separate battery. Another very useful feature is the power saving feature in which if the device is not used for a few seconds it senses it and automatically shuts off the device, hence you get extra battery timing with this smart battery management system.

Feel free to take it along to the golf course when not using it for archery or bow hunting. In the complete package you get in a rangefinder, a lanyard, a cr2 battery, and a nylon carrying case.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 600 Yards.
  • Perfect for archery and bow hunting.
  • Continuous Scan Mode.
  • Auto Shut off. Battery saver.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cheap Price.


  • Battery not included in the package.

2. Halo XL600 Laser Rangefinder

halo XL600 Laser Rangefinder
Max Range600 Yards
Min Range5 Yards
Scan Mode
Angle Intelligence
Auto Acquisition
Water Resistant
Weight(Pounds/ Ounces)0.50 Pounds/ 8 Ounces

Next on our list of the halo rangefinder reviews is the XL600 Laser Rangefinder that is a multitasker and can be used for golf as well as hunting. Talking about the features, the device has a 6x magnification and under the best suited conditions it ranges up to a distance of 600 yards.

The device fits perfectly in your hand owing to the ergonomic design and since it has a non-slip grip so even in wet weathers you get a perfect grip. Also what makes this rangefinder even more special is that it comes with a very affordable price. Continuous scanning allows you to measure the distance to multiple targets at random distances at once, that too with just a click of a button. Its also programmed with angle intelligence that measures the accurate distance to the targets at an elevation whether incline or decline.

You can measure the distance in both meters and yards. Along with that you also get an adjustable eye piece that allows you to set the diopter to the level of focus and sharpness you want. In the final package you get a rangefinder, a CR2 Battery, carrying lanyard, and a microfiber scratch-less lens cloth.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Continuous scanning.
  • Angle Intelligence.
  • Adjustable diopter.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Cheap price.


  • Doesn’t work well under low light.
  • Doesn’t have auto focus.

3. Halo Z9X 900 Laser Range Finder

halo z9x 900 rangefinder
Max Range900 Yards
Range to Deer400-500 Yards
Scan Mode
Weather Resistantx
Item Dimensions8.3 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches
Weight(Pounds/ Ounces)0.72 Pounds/ 11.52 Ounces

Coming down to the list we have the Halo 900 rangefinder, the 900 in the name is actually the maximum range the product is capable of ranging up to under the ideal conditions. It ranges as far as 400-500 yards to the deer. The optics of Halo 900 are very clear with a magnification of 6x.

If you look closely the device has a similar design as the XR600. Almost everything is same, the lens placement, the design, the size, the weight, even the silicon non-slip grip is same. The only difference is the body color, and the maximum range.

Eye piece on the rangefinder is adjustable, you can play around with focus and the brightness by rotating it. Rotating it to the right increases the light and to the left decreases it. This is a compact and lightweight product that is very easy to handle and carry around.

Some of the downsides to this product are that it struggles to get accurate readings in fog and rain, also it doesn’t work well for long ranges. If we were to ask for any additional features then that would be the backlight reticle and readout but then that’s gonna increase the price. The device has dimensions of 8.3 x 5.7 x 2.5 inches and a weight of 0.72 pounds and it fits perfectly in your hand as well as your pocket. All in all, its a good product to have in a very affordable price.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 900 yards.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Compact and Lightweight.


  • Measurements are compromised in mild foggy conditions.
  • The display could have been brighter and bolder.
  • Doesn’t work for longer ranges.

4. Halo XL450-7 Laser Rangefinder

halo xl 450 rangefinder
Max Range450 Yards
Min Range5 Yards
Scan Mode
Angle Intelligence Technology
Water Resistant
Item Dimensions8.5 x 2.5 x 6.5 inches
Weight1 Pounds/ 16 Ounces

Next on our list is a very simple and affordable rangefinder with a cheap price and a perfect pick for, both, bow and rifle hunters. Halo claims this rangefinder to be the best pick for hunters around the globe as it has all the features to get the job done and its probably the cheapest rangefinder with this many features on board.

Whether you have your target within the range of 40 yards or at 200 yards you can always have the best shot owing to the precise readings you get with XL450 rangefinder. It comes with a 6x magnification and the eye piece on the product is adjustable which means you can rotate it to get a desired focus.

Moreover, the rangefinder is immune to dust and weather so not only does it stay protected under harsh weathers but also it works fine. With the inclusion of the artificial intelligence feature on board the device is much more accurate than its competitors having the same or slightly higher price.

The premium quality glass lens combined with angle Intelligence calculates actual horizontal distance to target at any elevation almost instantaneously. With a slight push of a button the scan mode gets triggered which allows you to measure the yardage of multiple targets at different distances.

The product is powered by a cr2 battery which comes along with the package, a wrist strap also comes along. The only downside or inconvenience that we noticed is the absence of the carrying case. When we are using the product in the wilderness we need to have something to keep the rangefinder in. To cater this issue you will have to buy a separate carrying case. Everything is great value for the price that it comes in. 


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 400+ yards.
  • Auto shut off.
  • Weather resistant (keeps functioning proper;y in rain and fog).
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • LCD doesn’t illuminate.
  • Not suitable for long ranges.

5. Halo XLR 1600 Rangefinder

halo xlr 1600 rangefinder
Max Range1600 Yards
Min Range5 Yards
Scan Mode
Angle Intelligence
Water Resistant
Weight0.5 Pounds/ 8 Ounces

Finally we have a rangefinder on our list that reserves a premium place among the fellow products being reviewed. This is the only product on our list of the halo rangefinder reviews that is a not only a perfect pick for bow hunting, riffle hunting, but also for the long range shooting.

This sure is one of the best rangefinder that halo has ever brought to the market. What makes this product so special is its balance price (neither too high nor too low) and abundance of useful features.

Under the best conditions where you have a reflective target that you are aiming at, this rangefinder can go as far as 1600 yards with accuracy. Another feature that boosts the product’s performance is the auto acquisition which measures the distances to targets in a really swift manner. The product has a 6x magnification and since it has angle intelligence installed already so it also measures distances to targets that are at an elevation. Not to forget the rangefinder also has a scan mode that simultaneously measures distances to multiple targets at different yardages.

Furthermore, the product comes with an ergonomic design and has a non-slip grip that makes it easy to hold on to. It offers perfect eye relief so even if you are using glasses for a long period it should work fine for you. Lastly the rangefinder is water resistant so as far as you don’t drop/ submerse it in water a little rain shouldn’t affect your game and your device.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 1600 yards.
  • Auto acquisition.
  • Angle intelligence.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Scan mode.
  • Lightweight.


  • It can be easily misplaced.

Things to be considered while making the buying decision

The article is dedicated to the Halo rangefinder reviews but the buying guide is not specific to that. We understand how difficult the buying decision can be and also how important it is to choose the best rangefinder since we don’t buy it every day. The whole point of going through reviews and choosing one product out of so many is to get a product that stays with you for a longer period of time without any error/ glitch.

We are very sure if you go through our buying guide you’ll have a clear idea of how to narrow down your options about selecting a rangefinder to purchase even when there are dozens of options. Just follow the buying guide and select the one that’s best suited to your requirements.

halo rangefinders buying guide infographic design


This is probably the most important factor out of all, because this is the very foundation the whole process is based on. Before considering any of the factors you will first have to decide the budget, after that you can filter out all the rangefinders that don’t meet your affordability criteria.

Once you have a list of rangefinders that fall under your budget you can pick one that meets your required features better than the rest. 

Ergonomic Design

Don’t opt for fancy looking gadgets just because they look good, the important factor is that your rangefinder needs to have an ergonomic design so it can fit perfectly in your hand.


Considering the nature of the game (hunting, bow hunting, archery, long range shooting, etc.) you will probably have to hold the rangefinder for a while and then you have to carry it around as well. So, go for a rangefinder that is light in weight. We would suggest anything under 11 Ounces/ 0.6 Pounds is spot on for you, go for it.


Yet another important thing to be considered and that is the compactness. This factor doesn’t directly affect your game, its more of a feasibility matter than performance. You should buy a rangefinder that has a perfect size, neither too small nor too big. If the rangefinder is too big then neither can you hold it with ease and nor can it fit in your pocket. Also, if its too small the chances of dropping it or may be misplacing it are too high. 


This factor is not too important in comparison with all other factors but its always good to get a rangefinder that blends well with the surroundings so you stay low profile while aiming at the targets. The chances of alarming your targets with the brighter noticeable colors of your rangefinder are not too high, but still the chances are there.

Max Range

This feature/ factor is one of the most important ones. The type of a rangefinder is pretty much clear with how much range is it capable of ranging up to. For instance, if the rangefinder has a max range of around 600 yards then its best suited for the low range games such as archery and bow hunting, etc. Whereas, if the range is beyond 1000 yards, the rangefinder should work fine for long range activities such as long range shooting, etc.

Also, you can guess how important this feature is by focusing on the word “rangefinder” itself. In simpler words it means the product you are considering is meant to find the range which is the sole purpose of it being introduced to the market. So what good is a rangefinder if it is not capable of performing the very task it is supposed to perform.


Magnification is another important feature that allows you to clearly view the aimed target. The question is how much magnification do you need in your rangefinder? Well, the answer to that question depends completely on the purpose of your use. For instance, if you are willing to use it for archery or bow hunting then even a magnification of 4x is perfect for you. But, if you plan on using it for longer ranges then the minimum magnifying ability to be considered is 6x and not less than that. 


You need to understand the concept about the features and that is which feature is a necessity and which is a luxury. There are some features that are basically the backbone of the whole process and there’s no point in having a rangefinder without the necessary features. The features we are referring to is a good suitable range and magnification for your choice of play, the durability, the display, the lens quality, etc.

Then there are features such as angle compensation, ballistic calculation, artificial intelligence, etc. Having these premium features on board is simply amazing but even if you don’t have these features in your gadget that’s not the end of the world as your rangefinder should still work perfectly. Go for premium features if you get a chance but don’t compromise on necessary features at any cost.


This is a feature that needs to be on point. It should be clear and bright, and also should display the measurements straight away to you. The idea is to have less confusion and more feasibility.

Angle compensation

The angle and slope compensation features are very useful, especially when you are willing to bring your target down with precision. One of the main reasons of using a rangefinder is to minimize/ eradicate the guess work from your game and let the rangefinder do the math for you. Owing to the angle and slope compensation features the rangefinder measures and displays the distances to your targets, the only thing left for you to do is to take the final shot. 


A rangefinder can have different modes that play their part in uplifting your game or making the hunting experience easy and memorable for you. Some of the main modes include the scan mode, the target mode, and the speed mode. Scan mode helps you scan multiple targets for a few seconds, the target mode focuses on a target and measures its accurate distance, and the speed mode measures the speed of a moving target/ object. The speed measuring ability may vary from rangefinder to rangefinder.

Weather Resistance

A hunter has to encounter all kinds of environments during the hunting journey. Sometimes you have to use the rangefinder when its raining, or under the clouds, or maybe in the winters when you have to range to your targets through fog, or in a place where you have moisture in the atmosphere. All these factors have an adverse effect on quality of your game. So, you need to pick a rangefinder that is immune to the climate changes, the lousiness of the weather and regardless of how harsh the weather gets your rangefinder should keep you going without any issue.


This was a dedicated article on the halo rangefinder reviews with a general buying guide that can help you decide which rangefinder you need to buy for whatever reason you intend to use it for. We have tried to be as thorough and unbiased as possible and now it is up to you which rangefinder you opt for.

You can always have a look at the list of best rangefinder for the year 2022, but out of this list of halo rangefinders we are endorsing two of the best products to save your time. One of the product is on the budget side, that is the Halo XL450 and the other one with a slightly higher price is the Halo XLR 1600. We wish you all the luck with your life and with your hunting trips. Have a great time. We will always update this list as soon as there are more options worthy to consider.

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