Bushnell Bone Collector Rangefinder Review

Before we get into an in-depth bushnell bone collector review, lets talk about the company responsible for introducing some of the best outdoor optics products to the market.

Bushnell Introduction

Bushnell is an American firm that was established in 1948. Over the period of 70 years the company has improved its product line to a greater extent. The company has been making sporting optics, and outdoor optics ever since.

Bushnell took start with the binoculars first and in 1996 they starting making the rangefinders. Owing to their agenda of providing users with the highest accuracy, reliability, and ruggedness in a laser rangefinder they have successfully gained the user trust and hence a big share of the market.

We are a huge fan of all Bushnell products and the reason is simple, they have just the right rangefinder for you regardless of what your budget is and what you need the product for. You may need it for golfing, for different types of hunting, for birding, for watching buildings, for measuring the speed of moving objects, or be it anything else, bushnell has got it all covered for you.

Bushnell Bone Collector Review

Here we have an in-depth bushnell bone collector review, we will try to be as thorough as possible and will make sure you don’t miss anything worth knowing.

Lets have a look at the product specs first.

Max Range600 Yards
Min Range10 Yards
Objective Lens Diameter 21 mm
ColorRealtree Xtra Camo
Display Typeliquid crystal display (LCD)
Item Dimensions3 x 5 x 5.5 inches
Weight7.20 ounces

Every product is targeted to specific needs of a set of people willing to use it for a certain cause/ game/ purpose. The reason/ purpose of use can range from bow-hunting, long range shooting, to golfing, and a lot more. This product however (bone collector) is ideally suited for the bow hunters as it is composed of just about sufficient features that you may need as a bow hunter.

Remember, we are only recommending this rangefinder for bow-hunting and not for long range shooting or for any purpose where you need to range beyond 800 yards. If you are looking for a rangefinder for long range shooting you can find 10 of the best rangefinder here.

This may not be the most advance rangefinder on the market, but this sure is one of very few products that have just the right amount of features that do the job for you. Another admirable fact is that how creatively bushnell has installed this many features in a compact and lightweight rangefinder, that too in a minimal price range.


Talking about the features of the product, it comes with a 4x magnification and a range of 600 yards which frankly speaking we are not a fan of, if your game is not restricted to bow-hunting alone. For bow hunting the magnification and range are of just the right amount that you would need to get the job done. So, the product has our upvote for low range games such as archery and bow-hunting and a down vote for any task/ game that involves longer ranges.

One of the main things in a rangefinder is its display, what good is the ability to zoom in and reaching up to the farthest target if you cant watch/ see it properly. That being said, the bushnell bone collector has High Quality optics with HD clarity which has proven its worth after being tested extensively in different locations under different circumstances. Only a single press of button brings it all into action and you get the exact distance of your aimed target right there on the LCD.

Another useful feature that bow hunters adore a lot is the continuous scan mode. This mode helps you scan the area to get the better idea of where you intend to hunt. This way you are ready and prepared to take the perfect shot even before the deer is there at the scanned area.

We believe that the harsh climate conditions should not be able to affect your game adversely. While this rangefinder is not completely waterproof, it is rainproof. This means the product is although not completely immune to water but it does have some level of protection from the moisture and rain. We would not glorify it to be the most ideal feature to have on-board but lets go with “something is better than nothing” here.

What we feel is missing in this rangefinder is the ability to do ballistic calculations and also we believe if only it had a sizeable cup for eye relief and light inhibition it would be a complete package. Not sure why Bushnell didn’t install the ballistic calculations feature in it as there are other models from the company having the feature on-board and a slight affordable difference in the price.

The product is compact and lightweight and has a rugged design with Realtree Xtra camo pattern. It has a plastic housing to keep it save from the rain.


This product is not an ideal pick for everyone as it lacks many features that are highly useful and also some of the features that come pre installed are limited. We are referring to the magnification and the range here. This is the sole reason why we are only recommending this product for the archers and bow hunters. 

On the brighter side, this rangefinder may not have the state of the art technology it does have the sufficient amount of features that serve the very purpose you need them for.

We are very optimistic this rangefinder will be very useful for you and we wish you all the luck with your hunting journey.


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