Best Rangefinder Under 100, Top 10 Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

A rangefinder can be your best buddy in a golf field or out in the wilderness, making your experience 10 folds better and far more precise without having to rely on guesswork.

You can always get a rangefinder that offers premium features and has a higher price. But can everyone afford a rangefinder which comes at a price beyond their reach, the answer is “No”. To cater this issue we have compiled a list of the best rangefinder under 100 for you.

Let us assure you these are the most affordable rangefinders on the planet that will help you a lot in your game. While listing down these products our prime focus was not just the features or the price alone. In-fact we made sure of it that we only present to you the rangefinders that have all the necessary features in them and also they come at the budget reach of everyone.

Just Incase you accidently landed here and were actually looking for the premium rangefinders, please have a look at Best Golf Rangefinder, Best Hunting Rangefinder and Best Ballistic Rangefinder.

Our Top Picks

Best Pick

Halo XL450 Range Finder

Halo XL450 Range Finder

Budget Friendly

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild

Best Rangefinder Under 100 (Top 10)

Regardless of which rangefinder you pick, juts keep in mind what it must do at the least is that it should remove the guesswork from your game and make it better by bringing maximum precision.

Below we have the list of some of the best performing rangefinders in the cheapest price. Here, you will find some of the best rangefinder for golf and hunting.

List of Best Rangefinders Under 100

Model MagnificationRangeBatteryPrice on Amazon
AOFAR GX-2S6x600 yardsCR2(included)Price
Wosports Hunting Range Finder6x700 yardsCR2(included)Price
Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder4x625 yardsCR2(included)Price
Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder6x600 yardsCR2(included)Price
Halo XL450 Range Finder6x450 yardsCR2(included)Price
TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder6x540 yardsCR2(included)Price
BIJIA Golf/ Hunting Rangefinder6x650 yardsCR2(included)Price
Bozily Golf/ Hunting Rangefinder6x1000 yardsCR2(included)Price
MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder6x660 yardsCR2(included)Price
Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder6x1200 yardsCR2(included)Price

1. AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder

AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder

First on our list of best cheap rangefinders is the AOFAR GX-2S. If you need a rangefinder that is affordable and has features that enhance your golf skills then this gadget can be relied upon.

Starting with the stats, the device has a 6x magnification. It can range up to a distance of 285 yards for the flag, 415 yards for the trees, and 600 yards for the reflective object while 5 yards being the minimum distance. The accuracy you can expect is around +/- 0.5 yard. This all can be achieved by aiming at the desired target and a slight push of a power button.

Moreover, the device is purely tournament legal since it has a slope-switch preinstalled. What slope-switch does is that it can help you easily toggle between turning slope on and off anytime you want.

Furthermore, another exciting feature that will be very useful to you is the device’s ability to lock the target. While it does that, it provides you with feedback by generating slight vibration, confirming the target is locked.

Above all, for those on a budget, this cheap rangefinder is a complete package. It has a unique design with non-slip rubber. The rangefinder is waterproof as well as dust-resistant, so no need to worry if the clouds turn dark and the breeze gets cold, this rangefinder works just fine.

So, a question may arise that what exactly comes in the complete package that you receive? One rangefinder, of course, a carrying case, a carabiner, a lanyard, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a CR2 battery, and last but not least a user manual.

The company is offering a warranty of up to 2 years.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range up to 600 yards.
  • tournament legal and comes with a slope switch.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Water proof and Dust-resistant.


  • With the forested background the pin might give a tough time locking.

The Aofar assures you not to worry if you break your gadget or if it stops working, they will not charge a penny and send you a new piece.

2. Wosports Hunting Range Finder

Wosports Hunting Range Finder

Coming down to our list we have for you a cool rangefinder that comes with a very cheap price. Think of this gear as a multi-functional rangefinder, as it is one of the best rangefinder for golf and hunting.

This affordable rangefinder is although cheap in price but is rich in features. We’ll start with the stats; the gear has a 6x magnification and can range up to a distance of 700 yards at max while the minimum range being 5 yards. If you are using M2 mode, it can lock a flagpole at 150 yards.

In addition to that, the device has a scan mode which upon the press of the power button activates and measures the target continuously. As you move the reading on the LCD also changes simultaneously.

Overall the device is very handy but it’s not perfectly built for the harsh weather conditions, so you may get inaccurate readings in fog or rain.

To toggle among the fellow modes you need to short press the “M” button and a long press of “M” lets you toggle between reading in meters or yards.

The battery needed for powering this gear is a CR2 3V and one comes along with the package. The company is offering lifetime customer support.


  • Multi-functional rangefinder.
  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 700 yards.
  • Scan mode
  • Can toggle between meters and yards.


  • The carrying case has a very loud Velcro strap which is fine with golfing but may not be ideal during hunting.
  • Not perfectly built for the harsh weather conditions

This rangefinder has the lowest price on the list.

3. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

Third, on the list of our top 10 best cheap rangefinders, we have this amazing product the Gogogo GS03. It’s a multi-role device that works equally well for golf as well as hunting.

The device has a 6x magnification and with the accuracy of +/-1 yard it can range up to a distance of 900 yards at max, its minimum ranging distance is 5 yards.

The abundance of features is the sole reason why we ended up finalizing this rangefinder for the review. At a very affordable price, you can enjoy all these features.

Moreover, the device comes with three key modes including the scan mode, golf mode, and speed mode. Where the scan mode measures the distance of all items with a range of 5 to 900 yards.

The golf mode, which is specifically designed to enhance your golf skills, comes with some really amazing features such as, the pin-seek, the flag-lock, the Jolt, and the slope distance correction technology.

Finally, the speed mode is a really cool addition. You can measure the speed of any moving target; its ability to measure speed is between 20-300km/h.

This rangefinder is a choice for many people because it’s not just an amazing gadget for golf but also because it is very handy for hunting. You can also take it along while you go for the next hike or maybe buy it as a present because it serves all the purposes exceptionally well.

Along with the gear come a canvas bag, a wrist strap, a micro-fiber lens cloth, a waterproof pouch, and an operational manual. It is a very compact gadget and can fit your hand perfectly. The battery needed is a CR2 and one comes along with the package.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 900 yards.
  • Multiple useful modes.
  • Features such as the pin-seek, the flag-lock, and the Jolt.
  • Can measure speed of moving object.
  • Comes with a waterproof pouch.


  • The power button is very loud due to the plastic casing; this may cause trouble while hunting.

It can measure speed of a moving target between 20-300km/h.

4. Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Simmons Hunting Laser Rangefinder

The next gear under review is a high precision functional laser rangefinder. Needless to say, every product we have included in our list of the best cheap rangefinder is a dominant performer in its league.

Likewise, this gear has some amazing features that will help you a lot while you are hunting. The magnification this gadget has is 4x and it can range up to a distance of 10 to 625 yards with precision.

Moreover, the rangefinder has a non-slip rubber grip and along with having an ergonomic design it has a very easy and simple mechanism; one single button does it all. It is lightweight and also rainproof.

We would not endorse it for golf or long-range shooting, but this product definitely has our vote for bow hunting.

The battery needed to power this gear up is a CR2 and one piece comes along with the package.


  • Range 625 yards.
  • Non-slip rubber grip.
  • Best for bowhunting.
  • Easy and simple mechanism.
  • Lightweight.
  • Rainproof.


  • Magnification is low.
  • Not suitable for golf or long-range shooting.
  • Does not have a backlight so reading the measurements can be a little tricky.

Although the magnification is 4x which we feel is not enough for golf or long range shooting, but for bow hunting this device will save the day for you.

5. Halo XL450 Range Finder

Halo XL450 Range Finder

Whether you are aiming for a target within 40 yards or you want to precisely take 200 yards shot, depending upon; you being a bow hunter or a rifle hunter, this gadget comes in handy in both scenarios.

The company claims this very model to ultimately be the hunters’ best buddy because it can give you accurate and precise reading really quickly. Furthermore, the eye part in it can be twisted to achieve a better focus.

It Comes with preinstalled four settings, yards, and yards with artificial intelligence, meters and meters with artificial intelligence.

You can toggle between these settings by pushing one button. Along with that, not only can it provide readings in yards/ meters but can also show degrees to the angles of both incline as well as decline.

Besides, it has 6x magnification and it can show measurements both in yards and meters with an accuracy of +/-1 yard. Even under extreme conditions, the rangefinder stays protected from dust and water. It has a rugged, industrial-strength construction and a continuous Dri Loc Seal, AW2 gun cases create a seal that is dust-proof as well as watertight.

The device is very lightweight, it weighs around 1 pound. Package Weighs 0.2 Kilograms/ around 1 pound. What powers it up is a CR2 battery; you get one along with the rangefinder. The battery will last for a fair amount of time.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Water-tight.
  • Dustproof.
  • Angle Intelligence Technology.
  • Lightweight.


  • Slightly tricky to see information/ readings in dark conditions.
  • Doesn’t come with a case.

The gear has a Dri Loc seal and is dust-proof as well as watertight.

6. TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

The next rangefinder we have opted to review and present to you is ProWild from Tectectec. ProWild is a laser rangefinder that made its place on our list of top 10 best rangefinder under 100, the reason being its exceptional performance for hunting.

Stats first, this rangefinder comes with a 6x magnification and has the ability to range up to a distance of 540 yards. This product will take you closer to your desired/ aimed target without you moving an inch from your place of standing.

Let’s talk about the key features that come installed in the gear, an ultra-clear Led display, speed, scan, and hunt technologies. The LED display is very clear and makes it easy for you to read and also shows the battery meter.

Moreover, the product is lightweight, compact, durable, and water-resistant. It can measure the distance of targets with continuous scan mode and also detects the speed of a moving target.

The complete package has a rangefinder, a carrying pouch, a CR2 battery, a wrist strap, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a quick startup guide. The company is offering lifetime customer support and a 2 years warranty.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 540 yards.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Continuous scan mode.
  • Detects speed.


  • Troubles with low reflective targets/ objects.
  • The case belt loop could have been better.

An exceptionally good performer for hunting.

7. BIJIA Multi-Function Laser Rangefinder

BIJIA Multi-Function Laser Rangefinder

Coming down to our list, we have a product from Bijia, a company that has a motive of providing its customers with professional services and high-quality products.

The device is multi-functional and works really fine for golf, archery, shooting, and hunting. It has a 6x magnification and the range it can go up to is 5 to 650 yards, and for the flag, it goes up to 150 yards. All this is done with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.

Furthermore, the device has a durable body that eradicates your fear of dropping it, damaging it, and/or breaking it while hunting. The LCD is very clear and even in low light, you can expect to have a clear image view and precise readings.

Let’s talk about the key features it comes loaded with, i.e. the scan mode, golf pin flag-lock, slope correction, speed, and angle functions. Having all these features onboard is an assurance of you having a great time in whatever you choose to do in a golf field or in the wilderness chasing your targets.

Above all, the rangefinder is compact and lightweight. The complete package comes with a rangefinder, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a CR2 battery, a strap, a color box, and an English manual.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 650 yards.
  • Durable.
  • Loaded with useful modes.
  • Compact and Lightweight.


  • Body is made up of plastic, would be better if rubber or silicon was used for a better grip.
  • Battery not rechargeable.

8. Bozily Golf /Hunting Rangefinder

Bozily Golf /Hunting Rangefinder

The next cool gear is from Bozily, a company that believes in bringing to you the only products that are not only the most affordable but also enhance your user experience.

Firstly, the device comes with a 6x magnification and a range of 5 to 1000 yards, for the flag the range is around 200 yards. You can take this rangefinder along for either of these events (golf, or hunting). You may also use it for bird watching, shooting, and engineering measurement, etc.

Also, this is a tournament legal rangefinder that has a slope adjustment switch function to turn it On/Off whenever you need/ want. It has golf and speed modes and also has scan mode with which you can measure the distance to any target with +/-1 yard accuracy.

Furthermore, the device is compact and lightweight and has an ergonomic design.

There are mainly two modes in this gear, the first is the continuous scan mode and the second is the golf mode which consists of the flag-lock, angle measurement, vibration feature, and slope feature.

Above all, it’s a very handy gear and all these aforementioned features have highly contributed to the selection of this product for our list of the top 10 best rangefinder under 100.

A little word of caution, don’t you ever stare directly into the laser beam, not with this rangefinder not with any rangefinder. Although you may have heard from multiple sources that this laser is not as strong to pose permanent damage but who wants to take chances right, so avoid that. Also, don’t aim directly at the sun; this also can be very harmful.

What comes along with the package, a rangefinder, 2 CR2 batteries, 1 carrying case, 1 lanyard, 1 microfiber anti-scratch cleaning cloth, 1 carabiner, 1 user manual, and a colored box.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 1000 yards.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Waterproof and fog-resistant.
  • Slope Switch.
  • Continuous scan mode.


  • Might break if dropped, not much durable.

You can use it for golf, hunting, bird watching, shooting, and engineering measurement, etc.

9. MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder

MiLESEEY Professional Precision Laser Golf Rangefinder

Next, we have a very cool product from Mileseey. We considered this rangefinder owing to some obvious reasons, it comes with cool features that are very handy and also it has a very affordable price.

Let’s talk about the stats first, the gear comes with a 6x magnification and can range to a distance of 660 yards with accuracy. The diopter can be adjusted to get a better image sharpness.

We endorse this device to be counted as a versatile performer in golf as well as hunting. What else can you hope for, from a rangefinder this cheap?

Features that made us include this gear in our list of top 10 best rangefinder under 100 are the advanced flag acquisition technology, angel slope compensation, TOF, Speed measurement, and fast target lock.

Excellent design and a non-slip rubber grip give you a wonderful user experience, and it’s very easy to understand and operate. Along with the rangefinder, you get a high quality carrying pound that also has a hook, a CR2 battery, and a user manual.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 660 yards.
  • Versatile performer.
  • Non-slip rubber grip.
  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • Diopter can be adjusted.


  • FIND FLAG MODE is maybe a little slower.
  • Doesn’t have a slope switch.

Versatile performer in golf as well as hunting

10. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

Our final review is of an amazing rangefinder from Gogogo. The product we are talking about is Gogogo Sport Vpro GS-06. This is a very cool product to have whether you are willing to acquire the flag in a golf field, or aiming at your targets in the wilderness. Its ability to work exceptionally well in diverse situations made us include this cool product on our list of the best rangefinder for golf and hunting.

Talking about the stats, the gear comes with a 6x magnification and ranges up to 1200 yards with precision. The flag-pole lock works up to a range of 150 yards, the minimum ranging ability is 5 yards.

Furthermore, you get a bright and clear image and readings owing to the fully multi-coated lens that minimizes the reflected light and assures a better view. The diopter can be adjusted to get your desired Image view.

This sure is one of the most cost-effective rangefinders with features that are very useful when put into action.

What comes along with the gear? The complete package includes a rangefinder, one cr2 battery, a basic canvas carrying bag, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a strap, and a lifetime customer support along with 1 year of warranty from the Gogogo.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 1200 yards.
  • Multi-coated lens.
  • Clear image and readings.


  • Can be hard to pinning with trees or buildings behind the green.
  • The build quality is probably not the best.

What to look for in a rangefinder while buying it?

Although, the rangefinders we have brought to you, meet the affordability criteria very well. But, we would like you to understand this simple concept; you get what you pay for.

There is a reason why a premium rangefinder costs around 400$ or more and also why cheap rangefinder costs around 100$. The reason is obvious, the quality, the features, the modes, the brand, the user experience, and the material. That being said, we have thoroughly tried, and tested many products, and reviewed the only ones that are best rangefinder for golf and hunting.

Buying guide infographic design


We are being honest here, any cheap rangefinder that costs around or less than 100$ cannot be as good as a 400$ or 500$ one but that does not mean they are not useful. Even a rangefinder that costs less than 100$ does serve the purpose if you pick the right one for you.

How can you pick the right one out of numerous products in the market?
Well, the answer is simple. Go through our list of the best rangefinder under 100 and choose anyone of them, we have handpicked these after going through plenty of products.

Summary: You are considering products under 100 because either you are on a budget or there can be any other reason for that matter. You cannot get the premium quality for a price of less than 100 but you can get a rangefinder that does the job for you.

Angle Compensation

Why are we even talking about the angles here? Its because, when you are out in the field putting yourself into action, the chances of taking shots from a plain surface would rarely be the case. Most of the times or atleast sometimes you will have to take shots or acquire the flag from an incline or a decline angle.

As you already know, rangefinder is meant to make your life easy and either minimize your guesswork or eradicate it completely from your game. To make the most out of it you need to check if the rangefinder you are picking has angle compensation feature or not.

Compactness/ Size

Any rangefinder you pick, its good to have one which is lightweight and compact. Easy to fit your hand as well as your pocket and also can be easily portable.

Too much of anything may not suit you in many scenarios, same is the case here. Your rangefinder needs to have a compact and balanced size, too big wont be able to carry and too small may not be easy to handle.

Easy to Use

The technological giants are competing each other at every front to capture the maximum share of the market. They are spending a huge amount of money to achieve the simplicity in their design and interface.

Simplicity in interface and the ease of use in any rangefinder is very important. You would never want to have to go through those bulky manuals, complex modes, useless features, hard buttons, and God knows what.

So, pick a rangefinder that has simple and easy to understand interface and is designed for humans and not for robots. Always Opt for simplicity in design and functionality. You’re lucky that every rangefinder that we have included in our list of the top 10 best rangefinder under 100 meets this criteria very well.

Maximum Range

It is good to have a rangefinder that can range to a fair distance. Pick a rangefinder that has the maximum possible range. This will actually help you a lot in the field when you are hunting, doing long range shooting, playing golf, or doing anything for that matter.

Understand a concept here, the maximum range any company claims is under the ideal most condition. The maximum range will be different for a reflective target/ object, different for a deer and also for trees.

The quality and price also matters here, a high quality rangefinder with a premium price tag can have a better maximum range than one with a cheaper price.

Questions that we are frequently asked.

What’s the best rangefinder for the money (under 100)?

After trying and testing several brands and products we can surely say the Halo XL450 Range Finder is the best rangefinder under 100. Our conclusion is based on the features it comes with, the price, and the overall user experience.

Why do we need a rangefinder that is waterproof?

As they say, prepare yourself for the rainy day. Imagine you are out in the wilderness or anywhere far from shelter and it starts raining, what would you do?

Isn’t it nice to have a device that is watertight/ waterproof? So instead of running to get a shelter and save your device from getting wet, you can continue your game with confidence.

What is slope-switch and why is it important?

Slope-switch is basically a feature that allows you to toggle between turning slope feature ON and OFF. Its important because slope feature is not allowed in a tournament.

Also, having slope feature is really useful in all rangefinders, its one of the things you should look for while picking the right one for you. Having said that, make sure your rangefinder has a slope switch if you want to take part in a golf tournament.

Only the devices having a slope switch/ (or the ability to turn slope feature off) are tournament legal.


Finding a rangefinder that perfectly fulfills your requirements and improves your game can be a little tricky. Finding these qualities in a rangefinder under 100$ can be even harder for you. To address this ambiguity, we have gone through several products, tested them, and have compiled a list of the best rangefinder under 100$. Rest assured this list contains some of the finest gadgets that are versatile performers across the board.

To save your time we would like to endorse two of the best rangefinders that we found the best, Halo XL450 Range Finder and TecTecTec ProWild

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