Best Rangefinder for Long Range Shooting, Reviews and Buying Guide

Having the best rangefinder for long range shooting is the first step towards achieving accurate distance measurements of the target. Long range shooting requires discipline and good judgement on how far your target is.

You also need to be able to have a correct calculation of your target through a purpose built gadget considering the fact that various ballistic factors especially the gravitational pull, Coriolis Effect and wind are at play over long distances for shooting.

All of that would have been easy if you were a robot, since as humans we are capable of doing just so much. This is where a rangefinder is needed the most.

Our Top Picks

High End

sig sauer kilo 2400 abs

Sig Sauer Kilo2400ABS

Best Pick

Leupold RX-2800 TBR

Leupold RX-2800 TBR

Best Long Range Shooting Rangefinder (Top 10)

You will need a rangefinder for long range shooting, but not just any rangefinder. You got to have one with all the necessary features that are a must to have. Finding the perfect rangefinder for this purpose is not an easy task, especially when there are plenty of options available in the market and all of them claiming to be the best in this league.

This is why we went through hours and hours of research and after the trials of numerous brands and several products from each brand we were able to compile this list of top 10 best rangefinder for long range shooting.

List Of Top Rangefinders

Model  MagnificationRangeWeightPrice on Amazon
Leupold RX-2800 TBR7x2800 yards7.2 ouncesPrice
Gogogo Sport Vpro6x5 to 1200 yards6.49 ouncesPrice
Vortex Ranger 18006x9 to 1800 yards16 ouncesPrice
Bushnell Elite7x5 to 1760 yards12.1 ouncesPrice
Nikon BLACK RANGEX6x4000 yards6.30 ouncesPrice
Sig Sauer Kilo2400ABS7x3400 yards2.60 lbsPrice
Upland Optics Perception6x1000 yards0.21 ouncesPrice
ATN Laser Ballistics 15006x1650 yards5.44 ouncesPrice
Vortex Razor HD 40007x4000 yards0.70 lbsPrice
Leica Rangemaster7x10 to 2700 yards1.00 lbsPrice

1. Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder

Leupold RX-2800 TBR rangefinder

First on our list is the Leopold RX-2800 TBR Laser rangefinder topping our list for an obvious reason. This is one of the premium rangefinders you can think of putting your complete trust in, as it is fully capable of not just enhancing the accuracy in shots you take but also provides every feature you may need for the big game.

Let’s talk about the premium features that not only got this rangefinder to our list of the top 10 best rangefinder for long range shooting but also made it top the list. One of the best features that comes pre-loaded is the TBR-W that is the true ballistic range with wind, it deals with the incline and range to your target and provides you the ballistics information.

You get three different reticle options with this product, i.e. plus point, duplex, and the duplex with plus point. Moreover, the magnification you get is 7x and the range it can take you up to is 2800 yards for the reflective object, 2400 yards to the trees, and 1800 yards to the deer.

Owing to the inclusion of the latest technology such as the Alpha IQ ranging engine has redefined the accuracy phenomena and you get highest precision in all your shots.

Then you have the scan and speed modes, both are equally important features/ modes. Where, the scan mode keeps you on the target while it moves and lets you measure its distance, the speed mode lets you track speed of the moving objects/ targets. Moreover, you get a high quality image view with a Red OLED display making it super easy for you to track your targets down.

Another important factor is that the product is 100% waterproof as well as fog proof. Along with that you get rubberized armor for secure, perfect, and non-slip grip in any condition.

The battery indicator alerts you as soon as the battery power is running out. This rangefinder has got it all covered for you as a long range shooter.

For an in-depth review of this product please jump on to Leupold RX-2800 Tbr Rangefinder.


  • 7x magnification.
  • Range 2800 yards.
  • RED OLED display.
  • Scan and Speed mode.
  • Non slip grip.
  • Battery indicator.


  • Slightly complex.

2. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder 1200 Yard

gogogo sport vpro rangefinder

The rangefinder under review is one complete package designed to meet all the necessary requirements of a long range shooter and to uplift their shooting skills to an adorable level.

When we say complete package we mean this product assures fast processing, is lightweight and super portable, has an exceptionally good range and magnification, and also it lets you measure the speed of a moving object.

All of the aforementioned features have a domino effect on your skills; the availability of these features enhances your confidence as a shooter and that improves your skills and accuracy.

The product has a 6x magnification that is enough for you to get going. One of the most important feature that one has to have in a rangefinder for long range shooting is its maximum range, the more it is the better. This gadget ranges from 5 to 1200 yards with accuracy.

Furthermore, the device has 3 modes that make it even more useful in the golf field. The modes include Scan Mode, Slope Mode, and the Speed Mode. The scan mode can be used within its minimum and max range that is from 5 to 1200 yards. The Slope Mode is much useful for measuring the slope adjusted distances to the targets that are at an elevation.

Then comes the speed mode, we see it as one of the most charming features. Even if you are not a shooter or not aiming at a target for the purpose of hunting it down, just finding the speed of different moving objects at different paces is a whole lot fun in itself. The product can be used to measure the speed of objects between the ranges of 20 to 300km/h.

All in all, this is an amazing gift for the hunters and shooters. The complete package contains one amazing rangefinder, canvas bag, a strap, a microfiber anti scratch cloth for the lens, a CR2 battery, and an operational manual. The company is offering a 12 months guarantee on this product.


  • Magnification 6x.
  • Range 5 to 1200 yards.
  • Easy to mount on a tripod.
  • Scan, Slope, and Speed mode.
  • Lightweight.
  • Portable.


  • We felt the battery cover to be slightly fragile.
  • The reticle disappears on zooming.

3. Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder

vortex ranger 1800 rangefinder

Next on our list is the Vortex 1800 Laser Rangefinder. We highly endorse this product owing to its rich features and the promise from the Vortex that once you buy any of their products you can get a new product from them whether it stops functioning properly or you break it.

It sure is a quality product from a company that is known for delivering quality to its end users. Vortex has successfully gained trust of the golfers and shooters around the globe. This product, the Ranger 1800 has a 6x magnification is capable of ranging up to a distance of 1800 yards with accuracy.

There a many other useful features and factors that contributed to the inclusion of this high quality product on our list of the top 10 best rangefinder for long range shooting. Luckily, we have already reviewed this rangefinder in depth for you, to read the detailed review of this amazing product please jump on to best rangefinder.


  • Clean and clear illuminated display.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Waterproof.
  • Fog-proof.
  • Comes with a tripod socket.


  • No user manual comes along.
  • We feel, it should have a dust proof lens as well. Not a con, just a suggestion.

4. Bushnell Hunting Series Elite Rangefinder

Bushnell elite rangefinder

Here comes another rangefinder from one of the tech giants in the outdoor optics industry the Bushnell Elite Rangefinder. Bushnell has successfully gained audience trust as well as a big slice of the market share owing to their dedication towards quality assurance and ensuring the provision of highest quality products to the market.

The rangefinder under review has plenty of handy features and factors that grabbed our attention and we ended up trying, testing, reviewing, and disclosing it to you. For instance, it comes with a 7x magnification and a ranging ability of 5 to 1760 yards.

Moreover, you can connect this rangefinder with you smartphone as well with the help of an app called CONX app. This way you can configure your rangefinder from your phone, as simple as that. The best part is you can easily get this app on both platforms the android and the IOS.

As we mentioned earlier this rangefinder comes packed with plenty of features, so talking about that we would like to highlight some of them. First of all it has multiple useful modes such as the rifle mode, bulls eye mode, brush mode, and the scan mode.

You also get Bluetooth connectivity feature. The diopter is adjustable; you can rotate it to adjust and achieve your desired focus. The product is compatible with the magnetic attachment system, its battery door is posi-thread, it comes with a tripod mount that is built in, and the cherry on top is this rangefinder is completely waterproof.


  • Magnification 7x.
  • Rang 5 to 1760 yards.
  • Bulls eye mode, brush mode, and scan mode.
  • Magnetic attachment system.
  • Tripod mount.


  • Although the app works fine but there’s a slight chance that you may encounter some issues on some smartphone models.

5. Nikon BLACK RANGEX 4K laser rangefinders

nikon black rangex rangefinder

Coming down to the next rangefinder, we have Nikon Black Range 4k laser rangefinder. Surely, it is an excellent product and a choice of many long range shooters around the globe.

The product comes with a 6x magnification and an exceptionally long range of 4000 yards. It can range up to a distance of 4000 yards for reflective targets/ objects, 1700 yards for the tree, and 1500 yards for the deer. Its minimum ranging distance is 10 yards.

Furthermore, the Red OLED display is amazingly clear with both automatic brightness and a manual brightness that is selectable for up to five levels/ stages. The product is loaded with Nikon’s ID Technology that measures distances of targets at an elevation (incline and decline) with pin point accuracy.

Also, it has the Nikon’s hyper read function that boosts the performance and measures the distance swiftly in merely 0.3 seconds regardless of how far the target is. Along with that you have the Tru-Target Technology which gives you to different ranging modes to choose from.

The First target priority mode ranges to smaller objects, as small as a fence post. The distant target priority mode ranges up to the farthest target from a group of targets measured.


  • Magnification 6x.
  • Range 4000 yards.
  • Red OLED display.
  • Brightness auto as well as manual.
  • Nikon’s ID Technology.
  • Nikon’s hyper read function.


  • No ballistic calculation.

6. Sig Sauer Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder Kilo2400ABS

sig sauer kilo 2400abs rangefinder

Next we have is the Sig Sauer Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder also known as the Sig Sauer Kilo 2400ABS. This is a high end rangefinder and sig sauer claims it to be the most advanced rangefinder on the face of earth till date.

The product has a 7x magnification and a ranging ability of 3400 yards. It goes up to a distance of 3400 yards for reflective objects, for the trees it goes up to 1600 yards, and for the deer it goes as far as 1300 yards with accuracy.

Some of the most useful features that come preloaded in this high end gadget include the HyperScanTM that increases the processing and performance of the product, the AB Ballistic Engine increases the accuracy, and the scan mode is much improved as well. Along with that, the rangefinder contains multiple sensors including the temperature sensor, the humidity sensor, and the pressure sensor.

Moreover, there are some other features that also play equally important role. Features we are referring to are Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, and Coriolis Effect. The brightness is automatically adjusted from the brighter to dim. This way you always get the best possible visibility at all times regardless of the weather conditions.

The bottom line is, this rangefinder tops our list of the top 10 best rangefinder for long range shooting for some obvious reasons such as the advances features, high end optics, automatic brightness, amazing range and magnification.


  • Magnification 7x.
  • Range 3400 yards.
  • AB Ballistic Engine.
  • HyperScanTM increases processing and performance of the product.
  • Aerodynamic Jump.
  • Best visibility in all weather conditions.
  • Comes with three batteries.


  • There are no cons but it comes with a heavy price.

7. Upland Optics Perception 1000 Laser Rangefinder

upland optics perception rangefinder

Next on our list is a very fine laser rangefinder from Upland Optics known as the Perception 1000. A product made by the hunters, for the hunters, and who else can understand the importance of the quality of the hunting rangefinder than the hunters themselves.

The rangefinder comes with a 6x magnification and a range of 1000 yards with +/-1 yards accuracy. As we have clearly mentioned the product is designed on the lines of hunters’ needs and requirements and anything that a hunter may face out in the wilderness was kept in mind during the whole process.

For instance, the situations can be pretty tough in the wilderness and one has to have a rangefinder that can endure some wear and tear along with the lousy weather conditions. The rangefinder was tested on the mountains of IDAHO, it has undergone the harshness and extreme conditions of the rugged rocky mountains.

One thing is clear that the product is durable and can be counted upon. Since, the hunters encounter all kinds of weather conditions so the product that is required by them should work fine without any trouble. That is why the product was made waterproof as well as fog-proof.

Furthermore, the rangefinder is super portable owing to its lightweight and compact design. Even with the minimal price tag this gadget outperforms most of the rangefinders on the market with a slightly higher price. Endurance, portability, accuracy and value to money are the strong suit here.


  • Magnification 6x.
  • Range 1000 yards.
  • Waterproof and fog-proof.
  • Lightweight, compact and portable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Low in price.


  • No angle Compensation.
  • Max range could have been more.

8. ATN Laser Ballistics 1500 Smart Laser Rangefinder

ATN laser ballistics

Here comes another rangefinder that has been brought to the market with the feature of Bluetooth connectivity. The product is ATN Laser Ballistic 1500 rangefinder and along with the necessary feature that you may need as a long range shooter it also allows you to connect the rangefinder with your smartphone using the Bluetooth.

First of all, the rangefinder comes with a 6x magnification and a range of 1500 meters or let’s say 1650 yards. With these stats and the precision the rangefinder offers, you can be sure of acquiring your targets regardless of where you are aiming from. This all happens in fractions of seconds, really swiftly.

Normally, all of the ballistics and calculations can be a bit tricky/ complex for some users. But, with this rangefinder and with the availability of the ATN ballistic applications the whole process has been made so simple that even a newbie can understand and operate the rangefinder like a pro. This highly affects your performance as a long range shooter in a positive way.

So, overall it is a very handy product with amazing optics. The company is offering 2 years of warranty. The only problem that we found out was the device is compatible with the latest smartphones so you might have to find a way around it. Secondly, it doesn’t work with the 4k scopes. That’s the only flaw that we have come across, apart from that it works fine.

It Works equally well with Mil and MOA scopes using the ATN Ballistic Calculator App.


  • 6x magnification.
  • Range 1650 yards.
  • ATN ballistic applications.
  • Smartphone connectivity.
  • Wireless technology.
  • 2 years of warranty.


  • Doesn’t work with 4k scopes.
  • Doesn’t work with new phones.

9. Vortex Optics Razor HD 4000 Laser Rangefinder

vortex razor hd 4000 rangefinder

Next rangefinder under review is the Vortex Optics Razor HD 4000. An amazing product from vortex that is all set to remove the guess work from your hunting journey weather you are a long range shooter or maybe you need this for hunting or archery or be it anything else.

Vortex Razor HD has a 7x magnification and the range it is capable taking you up to is as far as 4000 yards. We personally are a big fan of vortex products owing to the quality vortex is providing and also the promise to their customers.

As we have already mentioned, once you buy any of their products and if by any chance it stops working or you dropped it and it’s broken, you can always get a new product from vortex for free.

Moreover, the razor has 4 main target modes and 2 range modes. The target mode includes the normal mode displays the strongest results, the first mode locks on to the closest target, the last mode locks on to the distant/ farthest target, and the extended laser range comes up with the precise most result.

The range mode includes the Horizontal component distance (HCD) that provides angle compensated distance to the target and Line of sight (LOS) that provides the actual line of sight range.

Another thing that matters the most is the display and the image view. Here, with this rangefinder you get exceptionally brilliant resolution and outstanding color fidelity, light transmission as well as the sharpness.

You get these amazing results owing to the optics quality and also because the lens/ optics are fully multicoated that assures the decreased light reflection and increased light transmission. The rangefinder has a jaw dropping performance in low light conditions.

You will get a perfect grip under all weather conditions owing to the rubberized grip and the lenses stay protected owing to the armored coating. Moreover, most of the rangefinders are affected by the extreme weather conditions but this product is immune to lousy weathers and under any circumstances you get the perfect and accurate readings.


  • Magnification 7x.
  • Range 4000 (impressive long range).
  • A long list of useful modes.
  • X Plus fully multi-coated optics/ lens.
  • Angle compensation.
  • Rubberized non-slip grip.


  • Hazy lens is vulnerable to illumination bleed.

10. Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800

vortex razor hd 4000

Here we have another high end rangefinder with the Bluetooth connectivity feature preloaded. You can connect your rangefinder with your smartphone having either of the Android or IOS operating systems. The product is a power house of handy features that make your life as a long range shooter much easier.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop at just one feature, the product comes with a 7x magnification and a range of 10 to 2700 yards. Along with that the product has red led display which comes with automatic brightness feature. You should expect clear and sharp image view from this rangefinder.

Also, it has an extremely fast scan mode that measures the distance to your aimed target every 0.3 seconds and brings to you the accurate numbers ensuring the perfect shot regardless of how far you are from the target.

The app that connects your rangefinder with the smartphone actually does a lot, such as it calculates individual ballistic output values based on bullet type, caliber, weight, and the trajectory.

Furthermore, the device has and AquaDura lens coating that saves it from water and also has a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic housing that makes it dust proof.


  • 7x magnification.
  • Range 10 to 2700 yards.
  • Red led display.
  • Extremely fast scan mode.
  • AquaDura.
  • Dust proof.


  • The maximum range is average.
  • No angle compensation.

Thing to look for in a rangefinder while making the buying decision


The price of the rangefinder is directly proportional with the features and quality of the product. As, you are looking for the best rangefinder for long range shooting, so, depending upon your needs/ requirements the price of the rangefinder may range between 250$ to 1200$.

The best approach here is that you first decide your budget then shortlist all the rangefinders that fall in that budget range. After doing so, you should give priority to the rangefinder that best meets your requirements.

Luckily, we have a wide range/ variety of products for whatever budget you may have. We have reviewed a rangefinder having a price of 250$ as well as a one with a price tag of around 1200$. Furthermore, since all the products we have included in our list have been thoroughly tested by our team so depending upon your affordability factor you can choose any product, rest assured you are getting the best rangefinder.


There are some features that are a must have and some features are an additional bonus which are good to have but are not necessary. The must have features include a reasonable magnification, a range good enough to serve its purpose, endurance, waterproof, portability, a good battery, etc

The features that we count as the bonus, if you are getting these you ll have an additional support in your game but if you are not getting these features then that’s also fine. These features include the Bluetooth connectivity, ballistic calculation, angle compensation, max-range exceeding as far as 2500 yards or even more and the list goes on.


Its good to have a rangefinder that can endure the rough and tough conditions of the rocky mountains as well as the harsh situations of the wilderness. If your rangefinder is durable, you can expect it to stay with you and be able to work smoothly for quite a fair amount of time.

Max Range

If we say when it comes to the long range shooting rangefinder then the range is of the most vital importance out of all the factors. Does seem like a big claim, right? Let us shed some light on this, the basic functionality of all the laser rangefinders is somewhat same.

All laser rangefinders are powered by a battery, have a lens to see through and a laser optic that bombards the laser beam at the aimed targets, have a power button that not only turns it on but also puts it into action. So, the question is that how are we going to differentiate a bow hunting rangefinder from a long range shooting one, since all basic elements are same?

The difference is the range, for any other rangefinder even a range of 450 yards can be considered reasonable. But, when it comes to the rangefinder for long range shooting then a range of even a 1000 yards may be considered as low.

You must understand a simple phenomenon about the range, you may get less range in your rangefinder as compared to what the company claims. So, the more the range the better.


Another useful feature to have in your rangefinder. You need to have at-least 6x magnification in your long range shooting rangefinder. The same rule applies here, the more the magnification the better.

Adjustable Eye Piece

The adjustable eye piece, same as the one in a binocular, is a good feature to have on-board. You can adjust the focus and the sharpness of the image by rotating the eye piece.


Mostly the rangefinders have good batteries. The only suggestions we have for you is that if you get to choose between a normal battery and a rechargeable one then you should opt for the one that can be recharged. But, that’s not compulsory as your normal battery should also work perfectly fine for quite a fair amount of time.

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Does a long range shooting rangefinder work in low light/ dark?

Yes, depending upon the rangefinder and the optics being used it can work well in the low light as well. But one thing to be kept in mind, that’s not the case with every long range rangefinder.

Why should the rangefinder be weather-resistant?

We suggest the rangefinder you pick should be weather-resistant because when you are out in the field you may have to face slightly harsh situations and/ or lousy weather conditions. So, regardless of what your game is, whether it is golf, or maybe bow hunting, or long range shooting, or be it anything, you need to be prepared before the situations go south on you.

How far can a long range shooting rangefinder go/ see?

A long range laser rangefinder can take you as far as 20 km or lets say 21872.3 yards. But that’s not the case with every rangefinder, having 20km of range is an exceptional case scenario.


This is a dedicated article to the best rangefinder for long range shooting. We have reviewed a wide variety of rangefinders with an intent to meet everyone’s needs having different budget.

Here, you will find a rangefinder having a price as minimum as $250 and it goes up to $1200. This means, depending upon how much you can afford you can own your choice of rangefinder that meets all your requirements.

The selection process is quite hectic and painful, especially when you have to choose from dozens and dozens of options. This has all been made easy here, as we have brought to you 10 of the best rangefinder that are leading the market from the front.

That being said, you also should know some nitty gritty about the things you need to have in mind while making the final buying decision. In our buying guide section We have already mentioned some features that are of the vital importance, will briefly discuss here as well.

Go for a rangefinder that is simple to understand and operate, having abundance of features is not always good especially if the menu/ interface is complex. Then the lens quality matters a lot, make sure your rangefinder has a fully coated optics, this way you get absolute clear image view owing to the increased light transmission and decreased light reflection.

All the products we have reviewed and disclosed in our list have different price ranges but are all capable of uplifting your game skills and bringing accuracy in every shot you take as a long range shooter. You can pick any rangefinder that you feel best suits your needs, all are equally capable in one way or the other. But to save your time, we are endorsing two of the best rangefinder here, the Sig Sauer Kilo2400 ABS and the Leupold RX-2800 TBR.

We wish you all the luck for your next hunting journey with a promise of always keeping you up to date with new offers and best products. Enjoy the game.

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