Best Rangefinder with Ballistic Calculator 2022- Reviews and Buying Guide

At some point of internet surfing for the rangefinders you must have gone through the term “BDX” or “Ballistic Data Xchange”, at least for a few times.

You must have wondered about this term “BDX” and why it is so much in use online and among the hunting community. This article is aimed at letting you know all about it. In the article we are going to review the best rangefinder with ballistic calculator feature in them.

The rangefinders are a very handy outdoor optics/ laser gadgets or instruments used for estimating the distance of an object and were first brought to the market in mid-60’s.

Like all other technology oriented gadgets, the rangefinders may also have started with humbler and simpler beginnings, but over the period of time and with technological advancements, the rangefinders have seen improvements in their tech as well as use by leaps and bounds.

Today, rangefinders have improved so much in their utility, accuracy, saving time and better support in sports or hunting that they are considered an important, rather essential, component of many sports as well as hunting expeditions.

Best Hunting Rangefinder
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Our Top Picks

High End


Sig Sauer Kilo2400ABS

Best Pick


Vortex Optics Ranger 1800


Talking about the present times, take any rangefinder without BDX for instance, no doubt it is going to help you in your big game and is meant to be precise.

But keep in mind, where a normal rangefinder removes the guesswork from your hunting experience, a BDX one makes sure you don’t have to take the next shot for the purpose of achieving more accuracy.

Here you take the shot, there your target is down, that too with the maximum possible accuracy. You must also know that the BDX is an advance feature/ technology and it comes at a price. To make sure every penny you spend is worth it, we have carefully gone through a number of products and brought to you the only ones that ace the BDX rangefinder’s group.

List of Rangefinders with Ballistic Calculator (Top 6)

Model  MagnificationRangeBatteryPrice on Amazon
Kilo2400ABS7x3400 yards3 batteries come alongPrice
Kilo 1800 BDX6x2000 yardsCR2 includedPrice
RX-2800 TBR7x2800 yardsCR2 includedPrice
Rangemaster CRF 28007x2700 yardsCR2 includedPrice
Ranger 18006x1800 yardsCR2 includedPrice
Bushnell Elite 1 Mile7x5 to 1760 yardsCR123 includedPrice

1. Sig Sauer Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder Kilo2400ABS


This ballistic rangefinder has topped our list owing to the bundles of features it comes loaded with. The Sig Sauer Kilo 2400ABS is the most advanced rangefinder that exists today in the market. It comes loaded with so many features that we might have to skip some of the features in order to keep the review short and compact.

Coming down to the stats, this rangefinder has the ability to magnify upto  7x and can range up to a distance of 3400 yards for a reflective object, 1600 yards to the trees, and 1300 yards to the deer, and that too with superior accuracy.

There are some key features in Sig Sauer Digital Ballistic Laser Rangefinder
Kilo2400ABS that we would like to highlight here, such as:

  • HyperScanTM.
  • AB Ballistic Engine.
  • Aerodynamic Jump.
  • Temperature, pressure and humidity Sensors.
  • Customizable Reticle.
  • Lumatic Display.
  • AMR (Angle Modified Range).

HyperScanTM boosts the processing and performance of the rangefinder and in scan mode it provides 4 range updates per second. When it comes to the ballistic solutions the AB Ballistic Engine is the most accurate one.

Furthermore, the presence of multiple sensors such as those for Temperature, Pressure, and Humidity, as well as the addition of the features like Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, and Coriolis Effect accommodations are all the factors that contributed in making this rangefinder top our list.

The customizable reticle allows you to play around with the milling grid, add or remove components in it in order to achieve your desired reticle look.

The Lumatic display automatically adjusts the brightness from brightest to slightest/ dim depending up on the weather conditions, making sure you have the best visibility at all times.

AMR (Angle Modified Range) has an inclinometer on board which reads both the incline and the decline angles.

What comes along with the rangefinder?

In the package you get a Tripod Mount, TYR Water-resistant Molle Gear Bag, Padded Ballistic Nylon Case, Wind Meter, Sig Sauer Tactical Pen/ Stylus, Lanyard, and not one or two but Three Batteries.

This rangefinder is endorsed by Ryan Cleckner himself (author of Long Range Shooting Handbook) and Amazon’s Warrior Poet Society Shop John Lovell.


    Best ballistic laser rangefinder.
    7x magnification.
    Range up to 3400 yards.
    Multiple environmental sensors.
    Auto Adjustment of brightness.
    Recommended by Ryan Cleckner and Amazon’s Warrior Poet Society Shop.


    No cons but lets say it comes with a heavy price tag.


Although we mentioned high price as a con but it is well justified with the features it comes loaded with.

2. Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 BDX


We have another amazing gadget from Sig Sauer that made it to our list. The Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 BDX is one of the best hunting rangefinders to be considered for the year 2022. Its a feature rich gadget that you can take along on your next hunt and it will serve the purpose.

The rangefinder comes with the BDX (Ballistic Data Xchange) and as we’ve already mentioned, having BDX means more accuracy and best performance. Talking about the stats, the rangefinder comes with a 6x magnification and can range up to a distance of as far as 2000 yards.

It is a very compact and lightweight gadget that can be easily carried around. The eye cup on kilo 1800 is similar to that of a binocular and its diopter can be rotated and adjusted to your choice of image view.

Furthermore, the gadget can be paired with Sauer Sierra3BDX Riflescopes via a bluetooth and provides an illuminated holdover dot. Some other key features that add value to this rangefinder include the Hyperscan Technology, The AMR (Angle Range Management), and the Lumatic Display.

Hyperscan Technology is a processing booster and in scan-mode the ranges it provides are 4 per second. The AMR (Angle Range Management) reads the incline and decline angle by using an inclinometer which is already installed in the Kilo 1800 BDX. Not only the incline/ decline angel is read but also, the effective ballistic shooting range to the target is modified, all thanks to the AMR.

Last but not the least, the lumatic display makes it an obvious choice of many hunters. What lumatic display does is that it automatically adjusts the brightness according to the light conditions outdoor or anywhere for that matter. To power this rangefinder up the battery required for this gear is a CR2 3V, one included in the package.


    6x magnification.
    Range 2000 yards.
    Easiliy detects targets.
    Has advance technologies i.e Hyperscan, AMR, and the Lumatic Display.


    It only works with the BDX scopes.


Ever heard the word “fog”, well, forget about it while using Kilo 1800 BDX because this rangefinder sees right through it.

3. Leupold RX-2800 TBR Laser Rangefinder


Coming down to our list we have an excellent rangefinder from Leupold that is a jumbo pack of features.

While its top range being 2800 yards this amazing rangefinder comes with a 7x magnification. There are bundle of other features such as True Ballistic Range with Wind, its scan mode works exceptionally great, and the gear is 100% waterproof.

We have already reviewed the product in detail, and we would like you to please jump on to the complete and thorough review by clicking Leupold RX-2800 TBR.

A rangefinder that is a jumbo pack of features. 100% water immune.

4. Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800


Leica has a history of contributing its part in bringing some of the finest products to the outdoor optics market. This product that we bring to you now is the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2800.

It would be very appropriate to say this gear is a guru in calculating the true ballistic distances, that too, with just a push of button.

The Image quality is super amazing and razor-sharp and it has an automatic brightness adjustment.

Even in dark cloudy days having least ideal lighting conditions or at dusk the readings of the distances are very clear and easy to read.

Furthermore, the device comes with a 7x magnification and as it name suggests it has its top range of up to 2800 yards while the minimum range being 10 yards. It has an integrated Bluetooth connectivity.

At any distance its scan mode provides you the readings that are very precise, and it assures a safe and accurate shot every time. In other words it all happens super fast since it captures the surroundings/ environment every 0.3 seconds.

The ballistic calculation will always be an amazing feature on board and it works really great in this rangefinder too. However, it can only work using an app which sometimes may not be as good a performer as we expect it to be.

It is imune from water and dust and has an AquaDura Lens coating. The battery required to keep it up and running is a CR2 3V and one comes along with the rangefinder.


    Red LED display.
    Easy operation.
    The scan mode is super fast.
    7x magnification.
    Ranges up to 2800 yards.
    Water and Dust proof.


    The app alongside which the ballistic calculator works, is not at its best always.


The scan mode works nearly with the speed of light.

5. Vortex Optics Ranger 1800


Now we present to you a very cool rangefinder from the Vortex family. This product is Vortex Optics Ranger 1800 and is on our list of the best 6’s. Reason being the same why all other rangefinders are on our list, and that is the abundance of features it holds within.

We have already reviewed this rangefinder and would really appreciate if you could read the complete review by just clicking Vortex Optics Ranger 1800.

vortex rangefinder will be repaired or replaced either damaged or defective, for free.

6. Bushnell Elite Rangefinder


Bushnell has been bringing some of the best products in the market for long now. Their products tend to stand out and deliver the best results that a user demands or expects.

Therefore, Continuing their legacy they have released this amazing gadget Bushnell Elite 1 Mile 7×26 with CONX. This gadget on the one hand is loaded with everything you would need from a hunting rangefinder and on the other hand this rangefinder falls more on the budget side.

Firstly, here when we say budget we are not referring it to be super cheap. You must know its a a rangefinder that has the BDX feature on board and that comes at a price. So, what we meant was that it has a slightly lower price than most other rangefinders having BDX.

Above all, this turns out to be the very first rangefinder that syncs/ interfaces with your smartphone. From your phone it allows you to configure your rangefinder using CONX app. The app is available on both IOS and android platforms and all you gotta do it is to connect your rangefinder with the app.

Moreover, the rangefinder is a repository of many useful features. Try and keep a count, it has BDX on board, 7x magnification, Bluetooth connectivity, E.S.P (Extreme. Speed. Precision.), Rifle mode, Bulls eye mode, Brush mode, Scan mode, Diopter can be adjustment, is Compatible with the magnetic attachment system, built in tripod mount, completely waterproof, Battery door is posi-thread.

To sum up, this gear is a wonderful hunting companion that perfectly serves the very purpose its meant to.


    7x magnification.
    Plenty of useful modes and features.
    Can be configured using your smartphone.
    Not too pricy.


    App works fine but you may encounter some issues on some smartphone models.


An amazing choice for those who can not afford to have BDX feature in a costly rangefinder.

Things to look for in the Best Rangefinder with Ballistic Calculator, Ultimate Buying Guide

best rangefinder with ballistic calculator buying guide


As we have stated earlier, the ballistic feature comes at a price. So while you are listing down any rangefinder that has ballistic calculation feature on board, you should be ready to make peace with the fact that it might cost more than the normal rangefinders. Let us give you a range of price that you should keep in mind, depending upon the quality of rangefinder the price should be within the parameters of $250 to $1400.


You should be looking for features such as slope switch, continuous scanning, and along with other handy features you must make sure the rangefinder you are opting for has ballistic data xchange.


When you are willing to buy a rangefinder for a price slightly higher than usual, you deserve to get a product that can endure some wear and tear.

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it necessary to have a rangefinder that has ballistic feature?

Not at all, ballistic calculation feature is handy but not necessary. You can play like a pro even if you don’t have this feature on board.

Is using a rangefinder cheating?

Nope its not, we are a believer of the fact that the gadgets are designed to make our life easier in all aspects of our lives. When it comes to using rangefinder in a golf field for playing golf, or in the wilderness for the purpose of hunting or be it anything you are willing to do anywhere you only use it to know the distance of the target.

Rest of the things are done by you manually, you are the one to take the shot to the deer and you are the one to swing the gold stick and acquire the flag. In plain words, No its not cheating.

What do you use a rangefinder for?

A rangefinder can serve a lot of purposes. Some people use it for golf, some for hunting, some may use it for watching birds or any other purpose that they want to.


All the brands that we handpick and finalize their products for the final review have their reputation of bringing some of the finest products to the market and maintaining their quality as well. The concept of product evolution can best be witnessed in these range of products.

This article is dedicated to the rangefinders that have the ability to perform the ballistic calculations, and can be used for multiple purposes including golfing and hunting.

If you are a golf enthusiast then we would recommend you to also check the best golf rangefinder, and if you are a professional hunter or even a beginner please jump on to best hunting rangefinder. You will see a wide variety of rangefinders with different price tags so the chances of you picking just the right product that also suits your budget is quite high.

Even though when we initially stated that the rangefinders have come a long way since their first disclosure back in 1964, we were actually referring to them evolving from ordinary to advance.

However, with the advent of the ballistic data calculator or BDX rangefinders we can say the technological advancement has taken it from better to literally the best or lets say most advance. We hope from now on every shot you take is a pin point absolute accurate. Enjoy!

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