Best Hunting Backpack, Top 10 Reviews and an Ultimate Buying Guide 2022

Hunting backpacks, like their name suggests, are backpacks used to carry your required gear while you are on a hunting trip. The backpack carries all the stuff that you need to hunt (such as a rifle or a bow and cartridges or arrows etc) as well as to comfortably carry out your trip (such as with enough water supply, beanies, binoculars, food, knife and other essentials required to do a hunting expedition and survive in challenging weather and environmental conditions).

However, the question is how do you know which one to buy? How to choose the best hunting backpack for yourself with hundreds of different backpacks on the market, and each of them with their own special features and uses. Figuring out which one you need can be quite hard.

You need to know what you’re looking for, and also what you want. Keeping this in mind, we’ve done the research, done the trials, and to make your buying decision a lot easier have put together an article that serves as a guide for choosing the best hunting backpack for you.

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Tasmanian Tiger

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Best hunting backpacks of 2022(Top 10)

Below are some of the finest hunting backpacks that you can find on the market. We have thoroughly tried tested and reviewed them. With the strong belief that you will find the best product for yourself lets dive straight into the reviews now.

List of Top Backpacks

Product   Weight (kg) Capacity (Liter) Weather-Proof/Resistant Price
TT Range Pack MK II 4.4100 ResistantPrice
Badlands 2200 2.336ProofPrice
Allen Company 1.430NoPrice
Fieldline Pro Series Eagle 0.7832.7ResistantPrice
Badlands Diablo Dos 1.834.4ProofPrice
TIDEWE 5500cu 4.390Waterproof Rain CoverPrice
AUSCAMOTEK Camo 0.4930ProofPrice
ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack 1.844.2ResistantPrice
Fieldline Pro Timberhawk 0.7827.5ResistantPrice
Badlands Pursuit 0.5413NoPrice

1. Tasmanian Tiger Range Pack Mk II

Tasmanian Tiger hunting backpack

The Tasmanian Tiger Range Pack MK II is one of the elite military grade hunting backpacks in the market. Like every product this backpack has some pros as well as some cons. But in out opinion the pros outrank the cons because of a number of features. First and foremost, the backpack is an eye catcher, with its military style look, but the good thing about it is that it is not just about the looks.

The TT Range Pack MK II is an extremely robust and functional backpack that has the capacity to withstand extreme weather and combat conditions and withstand thorny bushes as well as being thrown around on a rugged mountain. This is primarily because of the material with which the backpack is being made, which is cordura advance fabrics with military grade great fiber strength.

The other good thing about the backpack is the level of customization that it provides with many individual pockets as well as option of adding more pockets. Which means you can add or remove pockets as per your individual need for a particular hunting mission or simply a trek.

The customization option has another practical feature which makes this a highly functional and expedition level backpack and that is the option for having separate storage for your different equipment. This would save you a mountain loads of trouble which comes with digging in and searching for a particular equipment from the main sac.

The backpack’s carrying system is well adapted for effective weight distribution making it comfortable for carrying, and what is good is that it provides the option of readjustments in weight distribution. These adjustments will help people with all ranges of heights.

Like earlier said, it has its cons as well, and although they are outweighed by the pros mentioned above, you still need to know them so as to make a right choice.

The main issue with the backpack is the rain cover for the backpack is to be separately purchased. It would have been a steal of a deal if it came along the backpack. The other downside, which we think we can forego if we aren’t climbing an 8-thousander, is that it’s a bit on the weightier side with 4.4 kgs in weight of the backpack itself, that might make some of you a little uncomfortable while on extremely long and difficult mountain hikes.


  • Eye catching military style look .
  • Extremely robust and functional backpack.
  • Separate storage.
  • Effective weight distribution.
  • Comfortable for carrying.


  • The rain cover for the backpack is to be separately purchased .
  • Its a bit on the weightier side with 4.4 kg in weight .

2. Badlands 2200 Hunting Backpack with Built-in Meat Hauler

Badlands 2200 hunting backpack

There a number of reasons this hunting backpack made to our list despite the fact that it is on the larger side in its size. It has great capacity for carrying your stuff. Size-wise the backpack is taller giving you extra carriage capacity and better carrying for taller guys and girls.

Some other plus points with the backpack are its huge zipper pullers as well as its expandability, so it becomes a very practical backpack this way. It has a built-in meat shelf, pistol holsters on both sides, a hidden rifle holder and provides great adjustability with the straps. Water proofing in the backpack is such that the backpack becomes fairly waterproof in itself. It saves your gear from getting moist because of an internal bladder condensation/ absorption system.

On the downside, the backpack would be ideal for taller people as the backpack itself is quite tall for extra carriage and may be a little uncomfortable for some people who aren’t used to taller backpacks. Although the KXO-50 FABRIC used in the backpack is a great value addition, but the fabric is not super noiseless which may appear a little off to some of you. The backpack has a rifle boot but lacks boot for both a rifle and bow and although it doesn’t downgrade the backpack, it may matter to some hunters.


  • Long distance carrying comfort.
  • Detachable Rifle/ bow boot and meat shelf.
  • Adjustability with reverse tightening.
  • Bino Connect system.
  • Light weight.
  • Camouflage.


  • Ideal for taller people, may be a little uncomfortable for some people who aren’t used to taller backpacks.
  • The fabric used is not super noiseless which may appear a little off to some of you.
  • Lacks boot for both a rifle and bow and although it doesn’t downgrade the backpack, it may matter to some hunters.

3. Allen Company Hunting Backpack/Daypack (Budget Friendly)

Allen company hunting backpack

This backpack is a great purchase for light to medium hunting. At an affordable price of just under a 100 USD it is great value for price in the competitive market. The shoulder and sternum straps are well padded for comfortable carrying over long distances. Besides that, the backpack holds a handsome amount of storage with around 30 liters of storage capacity.

With regards to durability, the backpack can withstand all weather conditions. That makes it resistant to the wear and tear caused by weather.

The backpack carries an in-built firearm and bow carrying system for keeping the firearm locked in place giving you a handsfree mode. Along with that there are 5 compartments with zipper system along with interior pockets. There is also an in-built hydration pocket.

The backpack has a Mossy Oak Break-up upcountry camo exterior that is great for blending in natural/ wild conditions. This exterior is suitable throughout north America and carries elements in design that provide the right patterns and textures vis-à-vis depth and shadowing in the natural environment.

Another comfort related feature in the backpack is the adjustable shoulder & sternum straps and padded back. This helps with a comfortable long haul.

However, there are certain things one needs to be wary of, for example, the zippers on this backpack could have been stronger and sturdier, but, since, the backpack is suited for light to medium hunting, it’s not too much of a big deal. The backpack is better suited for guns with bigger stock, otherwise buckle support must be used to ensure the rifle stays in its place and rule out it falling out while walking on a jumpy terrain.


  • 30 liters of storage capacity.
  • DAYPACK 5- zippered compartments.
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder.
  • Integrated rifle carry system.
  • Durable for all weather conditions.


  • The zippers could have been stronger, but, since, the backpack is suited for light to medium hunting, it’s not too much of a big deal.
  • Better suited for guns with bigger stock.

4. Fieldline Pro Series Eagle Backpack (Budget Friendly)

Fieldline Pro Series Eagle hunting backpack

This most affordable backpack made it to our list because it offers great value for money. It is a decent option for day time light to medium scouting and hunting trips.

The backpack is made of polyester camo material making it suitable for use in hunting/ scouting. It is easy to carry with padded straps and back panel and adjustable sternum strap for easier carrying.

The 5 zippered pockets give you enough space for all your gadgets, equipment and stuff for your hunting trip. The MOLLE webbing for attachments is also a practical add on. It will not disappoint you for a day long trip.

Although we are convinced that the backpack is great value for money but you must know some limitations about this backpack. For example, it is suited for day trips and shorter hauls and may not be the first choice for longer/ remote area hunts.


  • 32.7 liters of storage.
  • Durable.
  • Camo pattern in MOLLE with additional attachments option.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • 4 external pockets.


  • Best suited for day trips and shorter hauls and may not be the first choice for longer/ remote area hunts.

5. Badlands Diablo Dos Hunting Backpack

Badlands Diablo Dos hunting backpack

The Badlands Diablo Dos is just a notch down in specifications to Badlands 2200 with many similar specifications. It is a comfortable, versatile, strong and durable backpack. It has great space for your stuff. It has great strength to weight ratio compared to its competitors in the market.

The hypervent suspension feature makes it stand out in keeping your back dry and comfortable.

This backpack also has a sturdy load-transferring frame for comfortable carry over long hauls, making it suitable as a hunting backpack. It further has horizontal rear compression straps, and highly functional hip/ belt pockets. It’s a strong backpack designed for long hauls and difficult hunting trips.

Having the option to carry the rifle in the back sling gives this backpack great value, and the space is good enough to carry the hunt.

Some downsides of the backpack are also there for consideration before buying the backpack. The pack’s bladder could have been a little bigger to increase water carrying capacity of the bag. In case of over stuffing in the pack, the bladder if filled to capacity may get pushed back to your back and may cause a little sweating at the point of contact.

Another point of concern for heavier built people would be that the front shoulder straps may need a harder time adjusting if the horizontal chest strap is too much tightened up. But can be controlled if horizontal chest strap is not too tightened.


  • Buckle closure option.
  • 15 inches shoulder drop.
  • Great ventilation with hyperventilating suspension.
  • Integrated rifle/ bow boot.
  • KXO-32 fabric having the right toughness, waterproofing, quietness and lightness in weight.


  • Bladder could have been a little bigger to increase water carrying capacity.
  • For heavier built people, the front shoulder straps may need a harder time adjusting if the horizontal chest strap is too much tightened up.

6. TIDEWE Hunting Backpack 5500cu

TIDEWE Hunting Backpack 5500cu

The Tidewe backpack is practically a heavy-duty backpack with long hauls/ trips in mind of the maker. It has enough space for a few days stuff including all the basic hunting gadgetry and equipment such as tent, sleeping bag, clothes, food, ammo, water etc. Frame is strong and durable with cutting edge technology that Realtree fabric brings along in it.

Although the backpack has great storage space in the main compartment, the side and front compartments may be carrying a little less space for some people.

The rifle boot is designed to keep the rifle or bow in place and prevent fall off, but funny enough, it means that it will take some practice to take out the rifle in time when needed.


  • 90 liters of Capacity.
  • Ergonomic Design & Comfort.
  • Camo suitability and durability.
  • Comes with a waterproof rain cover as well a high-quality strapping system for additional loads.
  • Realtree fabric.


  • The side and front compartments may be carrying a little less space for some people.
  • The boot (designed to keep riffles in place) at times, may make it slightly tricky for you to take out the rifle in time when needed.

7. AUSCAMOTEK Camo Hunting Backpack and Fanny Pack Waterproof (Budget Friendly)

AUSCAMOTEK Camo Hunting Backpack

AUSCAMOTEK Camo Hunting Backpack is ideal for day time light to medium hunting expeditions. For such missions, the backpack is quite roomy and holds all your basic necessities for a hunting trip. It can easily carry your water, snacks, tackle boxes and your cartridges. It is light weight, durable and still not too bulky which makes it ideal for light trips. Furthermore, the waist strap keeps the backpack in place from swinging while you are on the go.

The camo exterior makes it ideal for woodland expeditions, and offers great water resistance although it is not exactly made for too rough and tough expeditions. Nevertheless, it offers great value for its price.

All in all, the backpack is one of best ones in the market and would be all you need for a light daytime hunting trip. It has its uses in such expeditions, while it may not be the ideal option for continuous/ longer hauls of more than two days or those in a rugged/ rigorous terrain, it fulfills all basic needs for a light trip in a day.


  • Decent space.
  • Brushed polyester fabric (100%).
  • Waterproof.
  • Light weight and durable.
  • Woodland camo with tree/ trunk and leaves patterns ideal for turkey/ deer hunting season.
  • 5 Storage pockets (1 large one on front and 2 on both sides).
  • Comfort and adjustability.


  • May not be the ideal option for continuous/ longer hauls of more than two days or those in a rugged/ rigorous terrain.

8. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack hunting backpack

This backpack is another one in our list holding true to the meaning of great value for price. The backpack offers a great deal for your hunting trips and therefore has quite a practical Realtree Edge camo pattern and is available in a number of patterns. It has reasonable weight and an equally reasonable storage capacity considering its not too big a hunting backpack.

With such storage capacity it is enough for all your hunting needs. The value addition in the backpack is in the additional features and options for adding in more accessories. Such as for a rifle/ bow there is a holder pocket available that keeps your gear intact and secure in place. What’s better is that you can have a drop-down access with your rifle/ bow at all times. The zippers with rubber coating are a great addition because of which you can use the zippers even with gloves on.

You also have more space where you have quiver holders on each of your pack’s side and a hydration pocket too for around 3 liters of water bottle. You will have a small plastic clip on the right shoulder for holding the water tube secure.

What is interestingly better is that the smaller storage pocket has many internal smaller elastic mesh pockets which you can use to separately store smaller items like knives, beanies, gloves etc.

There are quite a number of plus points with the backpack that make it a great purchase, but you need to keep in mind that capacity-wise the backpack isn’t meant for too heavy loads like packing the meat from your hunt because it lacks an external frame.


  • Great value for price.
  • Realtree Edge camo pattern.
  • Reasonable weight and an equally reasonable storage capacity.
  • Holder pocket for rifle/ bow.
  • A drop-down access with your rifle/ bow.
  • Rubber coated zippers.
  • Quiver holders on each of your pack’s side.


  • Capacity-wise not meant for too heavy loads like packing the meat because it lacks an external frame.

9. Fieldline Pro Timberhawk Big Basin Daypack (Budget Friendly)

Fieldline Pro Timberhawk hunting backpack

This is another one our favorite backpacks in the budget category along with being very functional. It is going to be a working backpack for a daytime hunting if you aren’t carrying ton loads of equipment. It is quite suited to light packing, and is not as big as many of the backpacks that we have discussed earlier. This way it would suit people who are not so happy with the extra height and bigger/ heavier build of a backpack.

But the compact size of the backpack in no way means it is less functional or it doesn’t fulfil your needs when you require it to be. The MOLLE webbing allows additional stuffing option for your extra gear. So much so that you even get a padded compartment for your bow of any size and shape. There is a dedicated external storage for your arrows easily reachable over the shoulder at your easy access at all times making it suitable as a bow hunting backpack.

The material with which the backpack is made gives it waterproofing ability, not to forget the cool mesh padding is a valuable add on.

Last but not the least, one of the best features this backpack offers is the tree stand shelf. With a TS3 panel system, it can act as a shelf, basket and storage.

While it offers great value to money, it may not fulfil all your requirements when you are thinking to pack really heavy for some rugged long hunting hauls. One heads up we would like to give you would be about the zippers. Use them with care, lest you may have some issues.


  • Large main storage.
  • Many MOLLE webbed accessory loops.
  • Hydration pack can be added.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Comfortable padded shoulder and back straps.
  • Cool mesh suitable for longer hauls.
  • Treestand Shelf panel system.


  • Not the best option when are thinking to pack really heavy stuff for some rugged long hunting hauls.
  • Use zippers with care, lest you may have some issues.

10. Badlands Pursuit Hunting Backpack, Approach

Badlands Pursuit Hunting Backpack

Like other Badland’s backpacks, this product also offers a lot as a hunting backpack. To start with, the memory foam suspension gives you added comfort for longer hunting trips and will not let you drained. With the load lifter strap the weight on your shoulders will not be over pressing and tiring.

The carry boot and other additional pockets enable you to carry rifle/ bow and other equipment keeping your hands free. Additional compression straps also come in handy when needed for more space.

The downsides with pack is that you will have to keep it full to avoid the top rubbing against your neck. Although it has lots of storage but if you want to pack really heavy in the main compartment you may feel some difficulty.

Another thing to keep in mind is that although the external fabric is quiet for a hunting trip, you may feel the fabric inside the main compartment is a tad bit less noiseless, but it is not something that would devalue the backpack.


  • KXO-32 fabric with its toughness, waterproofing, quietness, and lightweight.
  • Neutral color pattern for adapting to your surroundings and any lighting condition.
  • Breathable mesh coating.
  • Comfortable.
  • Detachable rifle/ bow boot.
  • Hip belt pistol holder.
  • 5-pockets.
  • Lifetime guarantee for any wear or tear, anytime.


  • One has to keep it full to avoid the top rubbing against your neck.
  • Has lots of storage but if you want to pack really heavy in the main compartment you may feel some difficulty.
  • Although the external fabric is quite, the fabric inside the main compartment is a tad bit less noiseless. (but it is not something that would devalue the backpack).

Buying Guide for Hunting Backpack

You have come to the conclusion that you need a hunting backpack. Now the next most important questions you should have in your mind would be what sort of a hunting backpack you need and what specs would suit your individual needs. Frankly speaking, it would be quite a frustrating job to decide from a ton loads of options available with varied specs and prices.

We will share with you some tips and info you need to keep in mind while going for shopping a best hunting backpack and making an informed decision as per your requirements and not just some marketing frenzy.

First and foremost. There are a number of essential features/ options in a hunting backpack:

  1. The right storage volume
  2. The weight of the backpack
  3. Comfort in carrying it
  4. Durable material
  5. Option for organizing stuff/ gear in it
  6. The material and fabric of the backpack
  7. Adjustability of the frame
  8. Backpack’s compression system
  9. Bow/ riffle boot or carry system
Infographic buying guide for best hunting backpack

1. Storage capacity

Storage capacity is one of the most important features of a backpack. A backpack needs to have the storage capacity for your needs. A smaller bag or a bigger bag wouldn’t serve your required needs and may very well be either a waste of money or a serious discomfort at the least.

Storage capacity in volumes is required to be evaluated in terms of how long a haul you are going to do with your hunting trip. Ideally longer the trip the larger the volume requirement in storage for your bag.

Number of days Storage capacity (in cubic inches)
1-3 days3000-4000
More than 10 days6000 plus

2. The weight of the backpack

Weight of a backpack means a lot if you are aiming for longer trips and you have to carry the bag stuffed with your gear and equipment over longer periods of time. In other words, you will like to choose a lighter backpack among backpacks with equal other features.

This advice is a time tested one, and experienced backpackers would tell you from their time carrying backpacks that even ounces matter over long trips (and even not so long ones too). You do not need to waste energies with the weight of backpack itself that divert you from your primary task – hunting/ carrying your stuff in a comfortable manner.

At longer hauls or those involving inclined walks, every extra single ounce will feel heavier and would make you slower and more tired. So, for all practical purposes you need to look for lesser weight in the backpack itself.

3. Comfort

When you are carrying a heavy hunting backpack on you, you would really feel the comfort or discomfort in carrying it. There’s no third option. Your shoulder straps would either comfortably sit and not hurt you or they simply would. Your back may either get sweaty or it may not. Your neck may get tired or it may stay comfortable. There are a lot of such experiences that revolve around how comfortable the backpack is going to be for you. A backpack comfortable for somebody may not be so for you. Longer, taller backpacks may not always be ideal if you aren’t too tall.

It is, therefore, essential that you buy a backpack that has a strong and stiff vertical frame and which carries a general level of comfort as well as something that suits your body type and requirements too. It is generally a great idea to buy backpacks that have weight balancing features added, have a cool back mesh, padded shoulder straps, adjustable waste straps and ease of access in terms of essentials like water nozzle, bow or rifle carrying and taking out etc.

4. Durable material/ Endurance

While the backpack needs to be absolutely comfortable for you, it should not be at the cost of durability of the material and in turn the backpack. Softer or padded shoulder straps should not be torn apart easily. Your backpack is your essential friend on your trip and it needs to withstand the wear and tear that the weather as well as your environment is throwing at you.

For buying guide, know that appearances may deceive. A heavier backpack is not necessarily strong and a lighter one not weak.

5. Option for organization of stuff

Simpler backpacks tend to be lighter. Additional options with the zippers, compartments, mesh pockets etc. all mean there will be additional weight. So, you go for extra organizational options when you are aiming for complex and longer hauls. For a simple trip a simpler bag would suffice. But for longer hauls you need to have a backpack that has separate place for water reservoir, rifle boot, knives, cartridges and arrows etc. what matters is how easily the different gear and equipment is organizable and if it gives you easy access.

The access levels in organization of equipment are of great importance with critical gear separate from main compartment carrying the food supply, rain gear etc. and the critical gear like water, rifle etc. in easy access.

There are other features that you might want to think about:

6. The material and fabric of the backpack

Material and fabric of the backpack are important too. There are a number of reasons for which they are important. Such as,

  • Water resistance/ proofing
  • Quietness
  • Camouflage
  • Resistance to wear and tear

You will have to, most of the times, prefer one feature at the cost of one or more other features. A fabric that is water proof may not be so quite or vice versa.

For areas with higher dampness and/ or rains, water resistance is crucial in keeping your stuff dry. So, you need to, at least, opt for a water resistance fabric such as X-Pac, but it is going to be quite expensive and will be noisy.

Strength comes with Cordura and pack cloth fabrics which are stronger and quieter but may need reinforcement of other fabrics such as X-Pac for water proofing for heavier rains.

For quieter fabrics Fleece faced fabrics are ideal but they are not that strong and may need some reinforcement for wear and tear resistance.

7. Adjustability of the frame

Frame height needs to be as per your height for comfortable carrying. It ideally should be at a level below your lower part of ears, and if it is not there should be an option to adjust it to that height. This matters a lot when you are carrying a heavy load on your trip.

But if you are going for lighter loads, tall frames won’t suit you because a natural limitation caused by taller frames is restricted head mobility. So, a simple principle in buying for backpacks vis-à-vis their frames is that lighter the intended load the smaller the frame and heavier the intended load the taller the frame.

Although, there are fixed height frames available in market and they aren’t a bad deal at all if you know what you are looking for, but with some extra cost and search there are also options for adjustable frames in a backpack. One benefit of an adjustable frame is its versatile use for varying weight options you can carry in your backpack.

8. Backpack’s compression system

The backpack’s compression system needs to ensure that the gear and equipment attached to the backpack is securely held, shrink an emptying bag and keeping meat in an upright position without letting it sagged up or balled down. A better bid at compression systems like adjustability is the level of customization.

With simpler expeditions you don’t have much to worry about, but with longer and technical hauls, you may prefer more customizations when it comes to compression systems.

9. Bow/ riffle boot or carry system

In our buying guide list the last, but not the least, feature we are going to share with you is a rifle/ bow carrying system. For longer walks and hikes you must have your hands free for ease and comfort and your rifle/ bow safely attached to your backpack but with the guarantee that it will be easily and readily accessible whenever you need it.

There are many options, some at the back and some at the side of the backpack. But things you need to consider are that it is practical to have a rifle/ bow boot, and it is also vital that firstly, it stays put in the boot and doesn’t fall off while walking up and down and secondly, it should be immediately available when needed.

Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Who needs a hunting backpack?

You need it, if you are a hunter and need to carry all the equipment and gear needed for your trip.

What is meant by backpack hunting?

Backpack hunting means that you pack all your required stuff and go out for hunting. It ranges from one day to many in a single row.

What essentials are to be carried in a hunting backpack?

Water, food, first aid kit, knife, rain protection, gloves and your specific gear/ equipment for the particular hunt.

What is camo backpack?

Camo comes from camouflage, and camo backpacks are an essential part of some types of hunting so as to make the hunter invisible to an approaching or waiting hunter.


we have tried to present to you the best available option in the market for hunting backpacks. We have tested and tried a large number of backpacks from among which we have chosen for you the ones that we liked to be of greater practical value. We have tried to cover best hunting backpack in all prices ranges without compromising on the quality aspect of the backpacks.

These backpacks made it to our list because they all have good quality and utility for the purpose they are made. Even the low-priced ones come out to be better among the competitors in the market.

We have also tried to give a candid buying guide for you to keep in mind while you go shopping for a hunting backpack as per your individual needs.

We hope that this article helps you in making the right choice for yourself. Although, a lot of effort has been imparted in selecting the above hunting backpacks, we are endorsing Tasmanian Tiger (on the premium side) and AUSCAMOTEK Camo (on the budget side) for you in order to save your time.

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